lor recommendation letter samples

letter of recommendation letter samples

Looking for a reliable LOR sample to create a letter of recommendation for yourself? Not really happy with the sample letter of recommendation you have with you? Want to express your eligibility and past achievements even better?

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As most students need to submit an LOR or two for admission, one cannot go about the admission process. Hence, they need LORs.

However, most of the time, teachers who are supposed to write LORs may be busy and they often ask students to write LORs. They will correct and sign the same later and students can submit the same later with the admission application.

This is where we come into play. We have written numerous LORs for:

The problem is that most students have no idea about writing an LOR and we can solve that concern for you. You can check out the LOR sample that we have written for one of our students.

You can model your LOR on the sample reference letter given below, or even better, you can contact us to write an LOR for you.

Letter Of Recommendation Sample Or LOR Sample

If you want a letter of recommendation sample to understand how to write an LOR for yourself, here is a reference letter example for you. We mostly follow unique LOR format and structure as per the needs of our clients.

‘I consider the opportunity to craft the letter of recommendation for Ms. Anila Patel a privilege and honor. Having known her academically as her teacher and a mentor during the last four years of her engineering, I am confident that I am in a better position to recommend her for your venerated college. Ms. Patel has always been an inquisitive student focused on learning and becoming better in her academics, and she also displayed a tremendous grasp over the changes and revolutions happening in the field of computer science. Her dedication and willingness to go beyond to learn and become better. It is this quality that made me confident in her certainly building a successful career as I have observed this many times over during our interactions.

On the academic front, Ms. Patel was a composed and dedicated student. Not only did she work hard to understand the basics of the subject, she also tried to tether the basics to the advances happening in the field in various technology verticals. As an inquisitive student, she learned about research endeavors and developments happening in robotics, machine learning, AI, and data analytics, and brought her insights to the classroom for the advantage of everyone. She also actively indulged herself in various discussions and interactions took place in the class asserting her understanding and ideas about technologies. I am sure that these academic exploits have helped us carve a strong foundation for her in the field of computer science and it will help her greatly in her future.

In addition to her academic escapades, she has also been a wonderful person. She spoke and behaved with great composure and respect to others. She always maintained a calm and understanding demeanor that made everyone extremely comfortable in interacting and working with her. I have also seen her with juniors helping them on their projects and academic assignments. In addition to that, she also was a very decisive person who took intelligent and effective decisions. Her ability to understand situations and make decisions is also the reason she was selected to lead the team in inter-collegiate tech competition, which the team won. Ms. Patel also possessed excellent communication skills—both verbal and written. Her assignments and projects have always been exceptional to read and creatively represented the ideas in the most convincing manner. I often felt that science, technology and art married each other in the most intelligent and artfully of the ways in her writings.

On the basis of the details that I have mentioned above, I am extremely content and confident to recommend Ms. Anila Patel for her MS in your prestigious college. She is a hard-working and tenacious student who will be a great addition to your already impeccable student community. The learning experience and exposure that she will receive at your college will set her on the right path as it would give her multiple opportunities to explore her potential. Hence, I urge you to consider her candidature for admission with my strong recommendation, and I am positive that she will never make any reason to regret the same.

I thank you for the opportunity. You may feel free to contact me for any clarification needed for the student’s candidature.’

As you can see, we have developed the LOR paying attention to every aspect of the student’s academic and extracurricular performance.

The sample LOR is an original one that we have written for one of our students looking to pursue higher education abroad.

In order to protect the privacy of the student, we have changed the personal details of the people involved in the same in our sample reference letter.

We provide Letter of Recommendation writing services.

    LOR samples

    Why Our LOR Samples

    With our experience and expertise in the field for nearly a decade, we have written hundreds of reference letters for students and professionals in word and PDF templates that you can use as a perfect sample while creating one for yourself.

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    Hence, with us, you are guaranteed to get a singular LOR that will emphasize your academic and professional performance in the best way possible. And we can deliver the letter of recommendation in any format or template you need—word or PDF.

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