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As academic writings go, writing a personal statement is considered to be one of the most difficult jobs to pull off. Even when you know the nuances of how to write a personal statement, you need to put in a lot of efforts, time and hard work to ensure you have a compelling personal statement to woo the admission committee. However, even then, we have seen personal statements fail to create the required impact.

If you are on this page, trying to get help regarding a personal statement or trying to find a few personal statement samples, fret not, you are not alone in the wagon.

We have supported numerous candidates over the years who wanted to write exceptional personal statements that can stand them apart from the rest of the pile. The expertise of our writers, their industry insights and experience writing for a wide range of universities, institutes and colleges have all worked in tandem with each other helping us deliver nothing but the best for our clients at all times.

What is a personal statement, anyway?

If you are already on our pages either looking for help with how to write a personal statement or to get inspiration from a few personal statement examples, we take that you already understand the concept of personal statement. Further, we understand that you realize how important writing an impressive one is for your admission and thus for your career.
However, it is really important for a student to understand that there is more to a personal statement than meets the eye. If you think about it, a personal statement, in a nutshell, is one of the two fundamental categories of admission essays, and the other one being structured answers to a few relevant questions.

Most of the times, personal statements are sought by universities, institutes and colleges from students from their undergraduate, post graduate, PhD and other higher education programs. The length of a typical statement of purpose ranges from 500 to 1000 words.

However, what drives more importance to a personal statement is the content of the same. As the name suggests, the document lets the admission understand the person beyond the applicant’s academic scores and transcripts. Since an applicant is always more than their academic performance, it only makes sense that the admission committee wants to understand what makes the person worthy of the admission to their university.
From the applicant’s point of view, personal statements are also the best opportunity they get to convince why they must be given admission to the particular course and the university. Sometimes, a student that wants to get admission to a creative writing course might have a low CGPA for their under graduation but have otherwise done exceptionally in extracurricular activities. When writing a statement of purpose, the applicant can let the committee know why she/he fits the course perfectly and she/he has the natural flair to get admission to the course. The evidence can be presented as well.

How to make certain that you have the best personal statement with you?

Of course, writing a personal statement is easier said than actually done. The whole affair of crafting a
personal statement is tiring. However, if you are aware of a few tips on how to write a personal
statement, you can definitely come up with an impressive and unique personal statement. Over the
years we have not only helped our clients get well-crafted personal statements but also inspiration from
personal statement templates and personal statement samples that we had written all these years.

have the best personal statement

In a nutshell, any personal statement must be able to have the following narrative quality
to engage and impress the admission committee.

have an intriguing start

It must have an intriguing start that makes the admission committee interested in your statement. If you know how to start personal statement impressively, half of the job is done.

establish your background and motivation

The middle parts of the statement must consist of different parts that establish your background and motivation as to your interest in seeking admission to the course and the university.

establish your future plans

The next section must establish your future plans and what you are intending to do after the course.

Conclude in a Powerful Statement

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for most befitting personal statement

We have adopted a various tips to come up with the best and most befitting personal statement for our students.
You can take a look at them below​

Understand the requirements of the university

Before the writing process is begun, the requirements must be thoroughly reviewed to come up with the most relevant statement. Only when the needs of the university are understood, the statement can be prepared responding well to the same.

Do the groundwork

Once the requirements are understood, all the needed groundwork must be done prior to beginning of the same. This will include creating a list of what must be included in the statement and what not.

How can I edit the masks ?

Create a narrative outline

Even though personal statements can be considered a professional
document, it does not have to be a collection of bits of unrelated details. Establishing a streamlined, progressive narration will help you make the statement all the more engaging. If you check some of the personal statement examples for college, you can understand this.

Bring in relevant personal elements

Since the document is a document that talks about the personality
of the candidate, it is important to bring in relevant personal experiences, anecdotes and other incidents relevant to the course. It will make the statement more personal to read and understand for the admission committee.

Avoid cramming too many details

Focus is the most important aspect of writing an impressive personal statement. When you try to cram too many details onto the statement, it might lead to the statement lose its focus.

Do not oversell your candidature

While trying to create the statement, it is important to not oversell
and boast of. Even if you have exemplary academic and extracurricular performances to show off, being modest about the same can improve your chances of admission.

Write multiple drafts

One of the most important aspects that every student must keep in mind while
trying to write a personal statement is that the first draft is often not the last. The first draft needs to be edited multiple times to come up with the best personal statement. Do not be worried about the many personal statement examples for university that you see on the website. They are all the products of multiple drafts.

Avoid spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors

Nothing spoils the value of a personal statement like spelling and grammatical errors. You need to work on correcting such errors constantly to come up
with impressive statements devoid of such errors. The best way to do it is to have someone else review your statement. If you are able to get help from someone who can offer constructive criticism, you can ensure that your statement will add value to your application for sure.

We follow these tips from the very beginning of writing a personal statement as per the needs of the clients. If you take a look at the personal statement examples we have on our website, you can understand how such a statement is crafted.

Why should you hire our personal statement writing services?

Over the years, we have helped a range of students wanting to get admission to their preferred universities from across the world in the disciplines they want to make their career in. We have always kept the trust of our clients uncompromised delivering them what they always needed, and better.

If you are looking to get all the help you need to write a personal statement that can assure admission to your chosen course in the preferred university, we can leverage our unique positioning to help you. Reliable and responsible, our writers can create a compelling case for your admission uniquely distinct from the rest of the lot. 

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