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Firstly; a big thank you for choosing us. We feel grateful to extend you with our professional Statement of Purpose writing services. To make our business association more wholesome, we would like you to go through our Terms of Services and abide with the same. Before that, please familiarise yourself with the following terminology:

‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Website’ – refers to this company as a whole. ‘You’, ‘User’, ‘Client’, ‘Their’ and ‘They’ means you or the person visiting this website and using our services.

Our Terms of Services may be reviewed and updated from time to time. So as a User, you need to keep a check on this particular section, to refer to the updated version, whenever you are visiting the website and before choosing our services. By staying on the website, it stands clear that you have understood and agree to our Terms of Services, which are as follows:

General Terms of Services

  1. When a client comes to us for assigning an SOP writing project, they are expected to submit us various kinds of information, supportive documents and other important personal details so as to complete their given project as required and specified.
  2. While discussing with us about your potential project, we may ask you certain supportive documents and relevant resources.
  3. The final, completed project would approximately take 72-96 hours to get delivered. For that, you have to make the advance payment, which needs to be discussed with us and agreed upon beforehand. We will be next sending you a receipt on completing the project from our side. On receiving which, you need to make the remaining fee amount within 24 hours.
  4. The SOP writing services provided by us come with fixed service costs. Once you have discussed and agreed upon the payment, under no circumstances it can be changed. The total amount of fee needs to be cleared within 24 hours of your document being delivered.
  5. Until you clear the fee payment, the ownership of the SOP and its content solely remains with us. We may use the same for any other befitting purpose till then.

Terms of Service for Statement of Purpose Documents

  1. It is the responsibility of the client to provide us all the supportive information and documents, so as to enable us to develop a unique and convincing Statement of Purpose as required and expected by the client. We may provide the client with assistance and suggestions for using appropriate SOP format and structure. If the chosen college/university has specified certain SOP format, it is the responsibility of the client to make us aware of the same. Only after receiving all the inputs and specifications from the client that we will start working on the project. Delay from the client’s side will delay the delivery of the document.
  2. Before we develop the SOP, the User must suggest us with a chosen format or any particular SOP format specified by the college/university. If not, then in such cases, we have a standard professional format that we may use. We won’t consider or entertain any change of request in the format, after we begin the project.
  3. We will begin the writing of the SOP only after the client has cleared half of the agreed fee payment. Delay in receiving the payment will only delay the starting of the writing process.
  4. Once the client has discussed and selected a particular SOP format, we won’t consider any kind of change or alteration of the format on later stage. If the client insists on making the change, then we will consider it as a new project. A fresh payment will be required to change the format or structure of the SOP.
  5. Request for editing the SOP will be accepted within 24-48 hours of delivering the project by us. Requests made beyond the mentioned timeframe won’t be entertained or considered.
  6. We welcome justifiable reasons or genuine feedback to work on the editing of your statement of purpose. We don’t understand comments like “not happy” or “SOP is not as expected”. We appreciate clear feedback and expect you to put valid comments on the portions where you require the editing needs to be done within the SOP. If the comments are not justifiable enough, the editing won’t happen.
  7. When we send our developed SOP, you must review the entire document carefully and then only state the requirement of editing, in case if any. We limit the editing on the existing content in the document alone. If a new content needs to be added to the already developed SOP, then we will consider it as an extra work and you need to pay additional service fee.
  8. The User must convey any specific request or requirement that needs to be incorporated within their statement of purpose in the beginning itself, before we commence the writing process of the document. We cannot add any kind of information that is provided by the User, after we begin the process.
  9. We are not liable for not securing admission for a course and college/university chosen by the User in any country for that matter. Also, we cannot take the responsibility for any kind of loss including monetary or career due to the SOP that was developed by us. The User cannot hold us and the statement developed by us, accountable of any kind of harm occurred anywhere or anytime.

While hiring services from SOP Writing Online, we assume that you agree to have understood and abide with the given terms and conditions of the same.

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