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As a demonstration of our writing skills and style, we decided to share a sample SOP with you. It will also give you an outline of how to prepare the document by yourself.  This example SOP for MS in Engineering Management has been written in all seriousness, although on behalf of an imaginary student. It contains all the necessary element that makes the document interesting and impressive.

SOP Sample (MS in Engineering Management)

“Technology propels the modern world in every facet of life. However, technologists alone would have been helpless in bringing about these innovations. If it were not for visionaries who managed and patronized technological researches, many of the inventions that we enjoy today would have remained as on paper. I was battling with myself about picking a career as a businessman or an engineer until it dawned on me that I don’t necessarily have to be one or the other. As a passionate engineering student, it took me about halfway through the course to understand how technology and management must go hand in hand to produce the best results.

Owing to my good scores in school education, I secured admission to ABC College with ease. As vehicles have been my passion since childhood, I did not have to think twice about opting for the Automobile Engineering specialization. I supplemented my academics through various online courses and boot camps on topics that I found interesting or relevant. Such programs have helped me expand my horizons and bridge the gaps in my knowledge. The diversification of knowledge taught me to see things for the big picture.

As a practical learner, I have always found projects to be an exciting opportunity to assess the limits of my understanding. I decided to make a revamped model Pneumatic Gear Shifter for my last-year project. The intention was to come up with a two-wheeler model that was convenient for the handicapped members of the population. I accomplished this by reducing the human fault factor and replacing the conventional gear shifting system with a semi-automatic procedure. One of the proudest instants of my academic life was when I won 2nd place in National Emerging Engineer Fest for the project.

I had the budding dreams of entrepreneurship right during my college days and wanted to pursue an MS in a business course immediately after graduation. However, I found that it is best to take the course after getting adequate exposure to the industry. This will enable me to imbibe the concepts to their full depth and apply them in different real-life projects. With this goal, I joined the well-known Indian car manufacturer Maruti at their Delhi plant.

Gradually I became well at ease with the method of operations in a production plant and how the product plans get created before the designs arrive at the factory. The stint offered me invaluable lessons on how to optimally perform in a competitive working environment. Today, I am all set to board on a voyage in search of my dreams through a master’s degree in engineering management. As Indian academia is still catching up with the latest industrial standards, I concluded that it would be better to learn from a reputed foreign university.

After some reflection, I decided to pursue education from the US, the forefront of industrial management. The presence of numerous top companies in the country guarantees internships that no other nation can offer. The opportunity to learn through the guest lectures of the leading experts of the field is very beneficial. The US is acknowledged for being very friendly and supportive of international students from across the world. For these reasons, I have chosen to study at a college in the US.

I came across several appealing programs as I began to search for industry-oriented entrepreneurship courses from American universities.   However, the one that struck my attention the most was the MS in Engineering Management at the ASD University in New York. The course intends to prepare the students to meet the demands of the modern automobile industry. The fact that many former students of this course have secured their careers in top firms like Tesla and Ford also raises my hopes a lot. And as a cherry on the top, the campus is ideally placed in a prime location that can provide ample industrial exposure.

After completing the course, I will return to my country and join one of the leading firms in an administrative role. After assimilating enough practical experience, I will venture into the dream of starting my own company. I feel assured that this international qualification will equip me with the added gear to drive my dream towards success.”

Note: We highly recommend that you consider the above text for what it is, a sample SOP for Masters in Engineering Management. All universities check the documents they receive to ensure that no content gets copied from the internet or other sources. If you use even a sentence of two for your own document, there is a high risk that your application gets rejected.

SOPs for MS in Engineering Management

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