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As the competition for admission appears tighter these days, personal statements for college applications have become a pivotal part of the procedures. The document gives you a chance to demonstrate why you are different from the rest of the applicants. You need to grab the opportunity to convince the admission panel that you are a suitable addition to their university.

In case you are not aware of what is a personal statement for a college application, here is a simple explanation. As the name suggests, it is a subjective declaration made by students when applying to universities for admission in degree, post-graduation, or PhD courses. It is an essay through which you have to present yourself to the admission council of your target university. Yes, this means that “you” are the subject of this essay.

 So, how exactly do we propose to write a personal statement for college? Keep reading to find it out to help yourself with.

How To Write Personal Statement For College: The Dos

Read personal statement example for college

One of the easiest ways to get an overview of how to write a personal statement for college admission is to read as many samples as possible. You can find a lot of sample personal statements on our own site and other places. In some cases, the universities themselves make a sample personal statement available to help you model one on your own. Just make sure not to copy any sentence from these personal statement examples for college.

read several times before you submit

It is recommended to prepare your personal statement for college admission at least a few weeks ahead of the deadline. This will give you plenty of time to read the text repeatedly. Decide the purpose of reading before each iteration. In the first reading, look for the general flow of ideas. In the next one, keep an eye out for the sentence structures. Then do the same for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and so on. You can also ask friends and family to read the document and come up with feedback.

statrt with an outline

If you have read personal statements for college application examples as we prescribed, you will notice that the impressive ones have a smooth flow of ideas. You should try and emulate this in your own document. Preparing an outline before you start drafting your personal statement for college will help you keep track of the writing process. It will ensure that you do not miss out on any of the important ideas and give your final output a well-defined structure.

make it personal

If your personal statement for college application only talks about your qualifications and credentials, it will sound bland. To make things more interesting, you should substantiate each experience with your personal views. For example, instead of just stating that you have completed a project on a specific topic, describe what you learned from that experience. Don’t forget to mention your motivation for selecting the course and the particular college. Sharing your ambitions will also make your write-up more personal.

Note: If you implement the points given above into your writing process, the final personal statement for college admission will be a cut above the average. But please do not think that the task is over. The next step is to read your document over and over again. Find out and eliminate any mistakes you see to refine your document. The most common errors you have to keep an eye on are spelling mistakes, faulty punctuation, subpar vocabulary, and grammatical flaws. Another proofreading technique that you use is to read the document from the last sentence to the first.

After this, try reading the text out loud a few times. While doing this, see if you can rephrase your sentences to create a stronger impact. Maybe there is a sentence that doesn’t fit with the flow of the document. Or maybe there is a word that you have overused so much so that it is noticeable. Such mistakes are tricky to find if you read in your mind. If you find yourself overwhelmed by all these steps, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. All you have to do is input your name and email address into the adjacent box, and we will call you soon.

    How To Write A Personal Statement For College Application: The Don'ts

    Now that you have an idea of how to write a personal statement, acquaint yourself with some of the mistakes that beginners frequently make. Staying clear of these pitfalls will raise the quality of your writing. It will also give you an edge over others candidates who have fallen for these errors. In addition to these, there is one thing that goes without saying – avoiding grammatical and spelling mistakes. There are also a few stylistics concerns that are not covered here, because they are secondary.

    While maintaining a confident voice throughout your personal statement for college application will sway the favor in your direction, overplaying your cards will do more damage than good. We have seen many personal vision statement examples where the college students try to overstate their achievements and sometimes going as far as to furnish their own details. Keep in mind that you will be held accountable for anything you mention in your document during the interview stage.

    Of course, these applications are termed as personal essay for college application. It does give you a fair amount of liberty when expressing yourself. It is reasonable to mention the challenges that you have faced in your academic or professional life. However, make sure that your personal essay does not end up focusing more on the emotional appeal than your merits. It is wise to maintain an objective view even if when talking about an experience that was sensitive to you.

    Although humor is one of the best ways of getting attention, it does not quite work in a personal statement for college application. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, despite being labeled personal, the document you submit to the university council is formal and procedural. The officials reading it usually prefers to maintain that decorum. Secondly, there will be a cultural and generational gap between the student and the members of the council. Many attempted touches of humor will be overlooked or might be offensive to the reader.

    Many students spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to start their personal statement for college. In the first draft, you should only aim to write something that is adequate enough. You can fine-tune the entire document after you have completed a working model at hand. If you stick to perfectionism from the very beginning, the chances are that you will end up with very little time for writing the later parts of the essay.

    personal statement for college

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    A personal vision statement for college students should seize the interest of the readers. This can be achieved with a captivating opening and following it up with a good writing style and an engaging presentation. First-time writers make the mistake of jumping from one idea to another. Our experienced writers will ensure the logical flow of topics and illegibility.

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