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A convincing and top-grade personal statement is a brief essay in which you communicate your personality and your reasons to study law. These documents will enable the admission council to appreciate your character and inspiration from a personal point of view.  It will also shed light on the factors that convinced you to select their law school specifically. These subjective pieces of information will complement the other empirical data you have furnished to them through your CV.

Drafting the personal statement for the law is one of the phases of admission to law schools that bring many students to a standstill. Some of the applicants often try to read personal statement examples from Harvard law school and other top institutions in an effort to imitate the winning essays. However, this approach seldom works and can often be risky.  Here, we have come up with a few tips to write an impressive essay and a law personal statement example.

Law P
ersonal Statement Sample

“I clearly remember that day from the summer vacation of my fifth grade. The usual silence of our neighborhood was broken by wails of sirens, ringing of phones, and shouts of urgency. My mother pulled me away from the windows as a police officer forced our neighbor into the van from his house across the street. I felt sad and confused. The man would smile and greet me every day as I set out for school. In fact, he was innocent, and  the police acquitted him only after five long years of trials, false accusations, and media shaming.  Later, I realized that his misfortune could have been short-term had he been provided with adequate legal aid.

This incident from my formative years has guided me several times when making life and career decisions. I wanted to choose a profession that calls for social commitment and enables public service. After completing my schooling, I joined for a degree in journalism and mass communication. The decision was based on the notion that perhaps media would help me bring the best to society. My career and academic experience with the media have been a long race. It acquainted me with many officials and experts of their respective fields and made me understand the world deeper.

During the degree years, I had been a dynamic participant in the clubs and organizations of the college. My predisposition was mostly towards groups that worked on various social causes. The blood donation club, the social service club, and the students for nature were some of the clubs that I was a part of. I also got the opportunity to serve as the vice-chairman of the Citizen Journalist Assembly.

I joined as a journalist at The Hindu after completing my college education. This was an opportunity, not only to serve society, but also to broaden my understanding of the world around me. This practical exposure significantly refined my writing and communication skills. A career in news was highly satisfying in the regard that I could keep the public informed and help them make more learned decisions.

The academic and professional insights I have gained from a journalistic career have taught me many things. One of them is that, a deeper understanding of the legal system can be greatly empowering. The system exists to protect the common people. But even the guaranteed protection turns out to be a luxury. Many ordinary people are not even aware of the legal rights they are entitled to by the law and constitution. There are people waiting to pounce upon the ignorance of the general public. ‘Ignorance of the law is not an excuse’ – so states the postulate. But the corollary that the same ignorance is no reason to be taken advantage of is often left untold.

I want to join The University of Lawless as it has an unmatched status in terms of academic excellence, the eminence of faculty, and other amenities. I have observed that the institute empowers its students to take impactful actions even before the course has been completed. The encouragement given to pro bono service is also in line with my character. I believe that your university’s educational setting that promotes social obligation and community service will be the best for me to thrive. I look forward to a favourable decision on your part.”

How To Make Your Law Personal Statement

The personal statement for law provides you with the opportunity to showcase the strength of your character, along with a quick glimpse of your experiences. The focus of the essay should be your subjective opinion of the world, the legal ambit, and the role you wish to play in the future. You can garnish the document with law quotes for a personal statement all you want as long as the essence of your personality is preserved.
Our seasoned writers recommend our clients to adhere to the following guidelines while drafting the document.

Make eloquent

The capacity for articulating one’s thoughts with clarity and completeness is essential for any lawyer. Even if you are still an aspirant, the universities will judge your astuteness based on the language in your personal statement for law studies. This does not mean that you have to fill your essay with extremely long sentences or multi-syllabled words as seen in legal documents. Rather, it suggests that you should keep your writing crisp and unambiguous.

show Your passion

It takes strong willpower and passion to succeed as a professional lawyer. The course is also fairly tough to get through. And no college wants their students to drop out of the program halfway through. In your personal statement for law, you have to make it clear that you have the drive to push past all obstacles and complete the course. This will augment your chances of getting an admission

Describe your academic background

In case you hail from a different background, as seen in the law personal statement example, do your best to substantiate your reasons for the change. You can leverage your previous educational qualifications by explicating how that knowledge will aid you in your current pursuit. It is also useful to describe how well you performed in your previous academic courses and show confidence that you can do the same again.

Don't forget to add your professional experiences

As illustrated in our law school personal statement example, talking about your professional background will add more credibility to your profile. It is not the details of the job but rather what it meant to you that adds value to your candidature. Explain how you took the opportunity to serve the society and how these roles enriched you. Answer the question of why study law from a career perspective in the personal statement.

talk to your goals

When analyzing the law school personal statement examples from Harvard, we noticed that every winning applicant had clearly stated their goals. This is a winning formula because universities are looking for students who are capable of planning ahead. When you are sure about your final aims, you are more likely to be successful. You can make your dreams more worthy of reading by elucidating how you will go about achieving them.

How We Can Help You To Prepare A Law School Personal Statement

One prime reason why law schools insist on a personal statement is that lawyers have to write a lot as part of their profession. From the perspective of the universities, the best approach is to test your penmanship right from the start. It is natural for many students to slip up their writing due to the stress of preparing for tests like LSAT, among other things. If you are not feeling confident about writing a personal statement for law school on your own, the best option is to avail yourself of a personal writing service. Here are a few reasons explaining the value of our services:

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