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Personal statements have turned out to be an inevitable part of admission to economics and other popular academic courses in foreign countries. The document is to be submitted along with your CV and other academic credentials. Your personal statement for economics needs to be designed to portray you as a passionate and capable candidate for the education program to which you have applied.

If you read good examples of economics personal statements, you will notice that they focus on the interests, aims, and strong attributes of the applicants. Universities go through this information to evaluate how you will perform as a student. In our experience, the top institutions prefer students who have consistent academic performance along with perseverance, social commitment, and a unique perspective. They also evaluate your proactiveness from these essays before sorting your profile.

How To Write A Personal Statement For Economics

Now that we have seen what a personal statement for economics is, let us take a look at some of the best tips for writing one. Remember, no single rigid method defines the guidelines to draft your economics personal statement. First-timers, therefore, find it challenging to get started with the creative task. To ease up your efforts, we have come up with a few instructions for you in this post, that will significantly ease up the drafting process. Here are a few tips that you can implement when preparing your documents for higher studies. These guiding principles apply to all economics personal statements – be it for a bachelor’s degree, master’s or PhD.

Economics Personal Statement Sample

Please read the economics personal statement example we have written to illustrate the points mentioned above.

“The dynamics of our everyday lives are dictated by various economic decisions created by governments and authorities. The weight of such choices can manifest itself in several ways – from the price of commodities today to the fate of the nation in the years to come. I have relentlessly strived to improve my perceptions of economic decisions and their impact on the society. This journey has tremendously helped me to broaden my acumen. I wish to further extend this pursuit of knowledge through higher studies from your prestigious institute.

My passion for economics stemmed during high school studies. This was mostly because it enabled me to make sense of news stories and economic columns. I could not fully comprehend the global extent of various economic policies initially. As I delved deeper into diverse concepts, I became capable of seeing the forest for the trees. It was gratifying for me, on being able to read a piece of news regarding a fiscal policy and understand the motives and the bigger picture behind it.

The unpredictability of commercial trends is one of the things that I always find hard to wrap my mind around. Despite a high-level knowledge of fiscal theories, only a few economists are able to make accurate predictions, and even fewer can do it consistently. The concept of the black swan events, which breaks all expectations and turns the tables, was introduced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book Incerto. The book and its premise have radically transformed my approach to variability thinking.

I have always been keen to acquire new skills and venture into the unexplored paths. As the success of modern economic analysis largely depends on coding and other technologies, I signed up for a supplementary course in Python programming. This knowledge facilitated the process of amassing data sets from the internet and analyzing them in my own capacity. I also learned to automate many of the trivial tasks that I have to perform on a regular basis.

In addition to my education, I have been an enthusiastic participator in various non-academic pursuits. My favorite physical activities are games like badminton and cricket. I have bagged several medals and prizes in competitions at the local sports club. As an avid reader, I was one of the active members of the reading club in my college. In addition to promoting reading at the campus, we have visited regional schools with book donations and reading campaigns. The leadership roles that I have taken in different groups molded my character and nourished my presentation skills.

Undertaking an MS in Economic Strategies will kindle my inquisitiveness regarding finding solutions to global issues. I think that the US is the ideal location for higher studies in economics. The country’s policies are decisive in the international ambit, and its recommendations carry much weight in the IMF and other regulatory bodies. In addition to this, the nation abounds with eminent economic researchers. Getting my education from such a setting will be conducive to my aspirations of getting into research later in my career.

The program offered by Adam Smith Academy perfectly fits my requirements. I am familiar with the researches and works of Dr. Brian Dinero and look forward to train myself under him. I believe that I can make numerous contributions to this esteemed institution and its lively community. I reckon the challenges that lie ahead in this journey and am confident of emerging on the top through academic commitment and dedication.

After completing this course, I will return to India and start my career as a college educator. After gaining substantial work experience, I aspire to become an economic researcher whose works will hopefully serve the society. A berth in your revered university will be the key to unlocking my potential and achieving my dreams.”

Disclaimer: Given above is a sample personal statement for economics.  Please do not reproduce or adapt the above content for your personal needs. Even if you modify the important parts, there is a high risk that it will be labeled as plagiarism. If you need an original economics personal statement, give us a call or a mail.

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    How We Excel In Writing Economics Personal Statement

    As a reputed professional writing service provider, we can help you improve your admission prospects with a perfectly crafted personal statement for economics. Over the years, we had the opportunity to prepare documents for students and support them in their respective academic journeys. Leveraging that experience and expertise, we can assuredly offer you high-quality content. Here are a few reasons why we continue to be your best option for writing a personal statement for economics.

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