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Are you in search of professional writers who can draft top-quality UCAS personal statements for you? Congratulations, you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to demonstrate the reasons that make us the best choice for drafting your document. We will also be sharing with you UCAS personal statement examples that will convince you why availing of our professional service is a great option.

Example For UCAS Personal Statement

Your UCAS personal statement gives you a platform to voice your experiences and options to your prospective alma mater. In the essay, you should reflect your academic and professional journey so far and describe how it has weighed in life choices. But a better way to demonstrate these ideas is to illustrate them with an example.  So, without further ado, let us take a look at the sample UCAS personal statement.

“The intricacies of life and the world around us have captivated my fascination from an early age. My passion is founded on the joy of exploring the wonders of nature. Having acquired adequate professional and academic expertise, I became ardent to follow up my education with a Master’s in Natural and Biological Sciences.

I was able to perform well in my school studies right from its commencement. As my academic studies progressed, I realized that biology is my passion. As a child, I enjoyed watching Animal Planet and Discovery channel much more than I enjoyed cartoons. This passion guided me to select Biology as my degree major.

From my student days, I enjoyed learning through participation. I was an active member of the debate club at college and later got a chance to serve as its chairperson. My belief is that the Socratic method of learning, by having one’s assumptions and conclusions challenged by peers, is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge. Unfortunately, modern pedagogy is slightly hesitant of such meaningful interactions as an effective method of teaching.

My earliest exposure to the professional world comes from my internship at BioLab Ltd. The stint gave me a chance to apply my knowledge and skillsets to practice. I also got the opportunity to bolster my functional knowledge of technologies like Electron microscopes, refractometers, and other cutting-edge equipment. Interacting with veteran scientists has helped me get a better understanding of my career and its positive impact on the world.

After three years of professional life, I realized that spending time in a lab is not what motivated me into this career in the first place. The other side of this profession, which enables fieldwork and learning about the nature by interacting with it, is much more important to me from a personal perspective.

The course offered by the BS Academy for Natural Sciences intrigued me thoroughly. The program has been designed with a great emphasis on the hands-on learning experience. It includes expeditions to a variety of biologically diverse locations and sites. I am also encouraged by the pro-environmental researches that get conducted at this institution. I look forwards to joining hands with those eminent scientists who are set to protect the world that we live in.

To be capable of learning a topic that can bring enlightenment about the mysteries of life – both at an infinitesimal level and an all-inclusive perspective – is one that I find thoroughly stimulating. I would love the opportunity to explore and learn a great deal about the world around me and have no uncertainties as to the level of commitment I can bring to the course.

After completing this course, I will return to India to continue my professional life. I harbour the dream of becoming an environmental researcher whose works focus on activism. It is inevitable for humanity to make use of natural resources to ensure its own existence. Many of the modern activists appear to be oblivious to this fact. My works will focus on residing the adversities and finding nature-friendly alternatives to this end. And I am confident that this program will enable me to follow these dreams with courage.”

Writing a persuasive personal statement can be a tedious chore for beginners. Not to mention all the fine points to keep an eye on when writing a UCAS personal statement. When it comes to important documents like an admission essay, it is best to evade the perils that come with a lack of quality. With the aid of our trained writers, you can craft the prefect personal statement. For more information about our writing services, give us a call or send us an email.

We suggest that students read more samples before writing their own personal statement for UCAS admission. This will ensure that you are not limited by a small set of ideas when opening up your mind onto paper. We have provided sample personal statements for various subjects on our website. And you can contact us for more. One error we have witnessed students commit is making use of the contents from these samples as such for their personal statement. Please be informed that there is a high risk of rejection associated with plagiarism. If you need help with an original UCAS personal statement, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  

    How To Write A UCAS Personal Statement

    It is natural for students to feel intimidated as they start the preparatory work for the UCAS personal statement. One of the biggest challenges we have seen students face is talking about themselves. In an essay where you have to portray yourself in the best possible light, it could be a little tricky to put ideas into the paper without making it feel immodest. Here are a few tips that will help you come up with quality comparable to sample UCAS personal statement format given above.

    Start A Head of time

    Along with writing a personal statement UCAS prompts, you will have to take care of many other phases of the admission procedures. It takes good time management skills to manage all these tasks effectively. We recommend that you do not postpone the UCAS personal statement drafting for the last few days. Start well ahead and finish the final draft at least a week or two before the deadline.

    Give strong reason

    When the admission council goes through your UCAS personal statement, they should be convinced that you have genuine reasons and passion to undertake this course. This can be achieved by making your motivation factors as clear as possible. Do not be vague when talking about your passion for the course and future plans.

    Make it personal

    The goal of a UCAS personal statement is to give the student an opportunity to explain the world through his or her perspectives. Here, the subjective views should be well-founded on the personal experiences of the student. It is pointless to fill the essay with quotes and opinions made by other people. Also, make sure that all points you introduce are relevant to the proposed course.

    Keep it smile

    Many times, students will try to render their writing complicated. This happens in an attempt to make their UCAS personal statement stand out from the rest. However, this will only make it difficult for the readers to fully understand your ideas. Never compromise the clarity of the essay for the sake of illustriousness. Using simple sentences ideally written in the active voice will make your essay friendlier.

    Hire Our Expert Writers For Your UCAS Personal Statement

    As professional writers, we can facilitate your task of writing a UCAS personal statement. Here are a few factors that help us shine in our profession.

    The UCAS personal statement for civil engineering and other programs we undertake gets written from scratch. Our writers will study your profile in relation to your preferred course and the stipulations of the university. Accordingly, they incorporate the right format and style that would effectively leverage your admission chances.

    At its core, the success of every document is its capacity to capture the interest of the readers while sticking to the UCAS personal statement word limi The content we craft is geared to sway the reader to judge in favour of your application.

     Eliminating mistakes in writing is as important as stylizing the UCAS personal statement. This is why we have professional proof readers who will go through the final draft before it gets sent to you. They would take all the pain to revise the text, and make it free of errors and slipups.

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