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Admission to graduate school is a monumental step in actualizing your educational and professional dreams. The entire process includes a lot of steps like getting your teachers to write letters of recommendation, preparing for entrance exams, designing a resume, collecting your academic transcript, and writing your personal statement for graduate school entry.

In this article, we address the question of how to write a winning personal statement for graduate and professional school. Besides, we have presented a sample personal statement for graduate school admission to demonstrate how the ideas come into play in the actual writing.

Personal Statement For Graduate School Sample

Given below is a sample personal statement a Master’s. It is shared below so that you can get a quick glimpse of our writing services. If you want a high-quality personal statement for your masters, get in touch with us.

“The first spark of my interest in sociology stemmed when I learned about the theories and ideologies that explored the existence of humans as social animals. High intelligence is a distinctive characteristic that places us at the top of the species hierarchy despite being at the bottom in physical attributes. But there is also this factor that glues us together as a herd animal. Although it is difficult to put a finger on it, this unique behaviour allows us to function effectively as a society without compromising the essence of individuality.

I have demonstrated the ability to deliver top performance all through my school years. I have made it past the rough phases by focusing on the resolutions rather than the obstacles. I am an accommodative team member who also has the ability to rise up to leadership roles if the situation demands it. Apart from my studies, I have excelled in playing guitar. I also participate in sports events like running and badminton.

Sociology as a field of study is unique in its extensiveness of scope and relevance to contemporary issues. Through this education, I wish to explore the societal questions of inequity, gender, race, country, authority, and communal transformation. These issues affect almost every member of the society. I am confident that this subject will give bring clarity to my thoughts and perceptions.

In addition to this, the course will provide me a chance to evaluate my personal experiences from an academic point of view. The topics examine social life and its effect on human behaviour, belief systems, and character. In my opinion, broader insights into the history and evolution in the dynamics of these elements will be formative to better understanding the world around me.

My voluntary involve serving as the student leader for scouts, being an active member of NGO, and working for charity organizations. These experiences have helped me evolve as a leader and initiator. I also became confident and capable of making decisions in my own capacity. Events like charity and fundraisers have leveraged my communication skills to get the points across to the other person convincingly.

Such experiences motivated me to look into the philosophies of Altruism. The ability to prioritize the needs of others over one’s own requires overpowering one’s primal instincts. After completing my college education, I would like to conduct further researches on this topic.

I applied to your college as I was captivated by its excellent status for educational innovation. The curriculum thoroughly addresses the social issues from a modern perspective. Your program will dole out a strong foundational knowledge of sociology and the essential principles of the social studies. It is encouraging to know that your university emphasizes the development of real-world application of theories through observation, case studies, and interpretation.

I feel assured I have the qualities to succeed in my dream career. My decision to study Sociology is driven by the ambition to make a difference. Even though it sounds ambitious, it would not be out of place to aim beyond the visible boundaries if you have the determination to see it through to the end. I believe that this education will enable me to make a difference and give me the strength to influence society in a positive manner.

As a prospective student at your institution, I can guarantee my best and unyielding efforts to uphold the reputation of your university. Being a dynamic participant in academic, sports, and extracurricular activities, I will be a contributing member who can be relied upon at all times. I look forwards to a positive response from your end.”

Even if you plan to model your essay based on the personal statement sample for graduate school education published above, please do not make the mistake of copying even a simple sentence per se. This is critical as all institutions of higher education have set up smart systems that check text for unoriginal content. Even one or two matching sentences are enough for them to reject a submission on the basis of plagiarism. If you are struggling to come up with a fully unique and convincing personal statement format for graduate school, feel free to contact us right now.

NOTE: We recommend that students read more samples before writing their own personal statement for grad school admission. Do not limit yourself to example documents that are related to your choice of subject. Extensive reading will ensure that you have enough ideas at hand to start on the right foot. One mistake we have seen students commit is copying ideas or even sentences as such for their document. While it is perfectly okay to get inspired by others, duplicating content can risk your admission.

But there is no need for you to take such risks with your future when you can contact us for a pitch-perfect personal statement. Our writers use a methodic process that starts by getting to know you better as a person and using the highlights we find to strengthen your profile.  The content we write is engaging, original, and free from mistakes. Availing yourself of our professional services will not only spare you a lot of time but also skyrocket your chances for admission. If you need the help of our expert writers or would like to read more samples, submit your name and email on the box to the right.


    Personal statement Writing Tips For Graduate School

    You might be wondering about writing personal statement for graduate school that has comparable quality to the given example. In fact, there is a systematic strategy you can make use of to get similar effects. In the following segment, we will describe how you can emulate this writing technique on your own. To make your personal statement for graduate school highly tailored, include ideas and innovations you have come up with. Make sure to read more personal statement for graduate school sample essays to get more ideas. We will illustrate the concepts in the example personal statement for graduate school. In the sample, you can observe how our experts contextualized each of the points. Here are a few more tips to help you.

    Our Personal Statement Writing Service For Graduate School

    As evident from the personal statement for the graduate school sample essay, you have reasonable creative liberties when preparing the document. Almost every method is acceptable as long as the personal statement for graduate schools explains your motivations and maintains its formality. But this is where most students face challenges in writing.

    With the assistance of our talented writers, you can spare yourself the time and energy required to craft a premium-quality personal statement for graduate school. Since we start every work from the very beginning, there is no reason for you to worry about plagiarism.

    Being one of the best personal statement writers in the industry, we keep our standards high when it comes to content quality. Our works will accommodate all your demands and requirements. We will also perfectly adhere to the stipulations put forwards by your target university. Such customization includes the style of writing, choice of vocabulary, and the word count of personal statements for graduate school.

    We believe that a solid personal statement is a genuine representation of the personality of the candidate. For the document to reflect your characters, it is imperative to promote student contribution to the process of writing. Our writers will involve your inputs and suggestions to make sure that this gets achieved. The final output will emanate your motivations, passions, and dreams the exact way you wish them to be expressed.

    Reach out to us with your requirements to get started on your grad school personal statement.


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