personal statement for university admission

personal statement for university admission

Let start by tackling the question, what a personal statement for university admission is? Simply explained, it is an essay in which the student has to explain why he/she wished to study the proposed course from the proposed academy. It will also include statements that portray the student as a worthy candidate for the program.

If you read sample personal statements for university applications, you would realize that the document is highly subjective in style. The prime aim of the essay is to share the student’s perspective of the course with the members of the college council. This will, in turn, help them shortlist applicants with good calibre, beyond their academic performance. 

How To Write Personal Statement For University Admission

Drafting a superior-quality personal statement for university admission is a time-intensive task. It involves several steps, from preparing an outline to formulating the first draft. Next, you have other processes like editing and proofreading to enhance the quality. For students who have no experience in writing, this comes with the additional task of reading personal statement examples for university. Exposing yourself to content that has proven to win will improve your writing skills. But it should be noted that reading  just one example of a personal statement for university application will not make a difference. Here are a few additional tips that you can apply.

One of the essential ingredients for your personal statement for university should be your motivation for pursuing higher education. It pays well to be specific about your intentions. How did you get introduced to this field of study? How will this knowledge help you in the future? What jobs do you aspire for after the course? Try and answer these questions in your personal statement for UK Universities.

Education is a continuous process. Everything that you learn is a continuation of what you have been taught so far. Even if the courses are dissimilar, the previous training is sure to influence your future pursuits. This is why providing a short account of your student life will add value to your personal statement for university entrance. Make your best attempt to connect the current course to your existing knowledge.

Education is a continuous process. Everything that you learn is a continuation of what you have been taught so far. Even if the courses are dissimilar, the previous training is sure to influence your future pursuits. This is why providing a short account of your student life will add value to your personal statement for university entrance. Make your best attempt to connect the current course to your existing knowledge.

The academic council would be curious about your merits in other fields as well. Therefore, make sure that your personal statement for university admission is inclusive of your non-academic feats also. It could be that your extraordinary leaderships have severed well in group activities or projects. Or perhaps you are an excellent sportsperson who has won a few medals in competitive events. Convey your perspective to the admission committee regarding these aspects.

Many students, especially those applying for Master’s or PhD will often have a few years of career exposure under their belts. In a few cases, they will want to pursue higher education with the goal of a promotion or even a career change. Highlighting your relevant job experience in your various roles is an excellent way to increase the value of your personal statement for university admission.  

personal statement for university application

Example Of A Personal Statement for University Admission

“Computers and their application in a wide variety of fields have fascinated me from a young age. From mathematics to astronomy and medical science, there is no field that has not been enhanced by the power of computing and programming. Even the modern subfields of computer science such as data science and Artificial intelligence have proven their worth in diverse other disciplines. I aspire to continue my pursuit of acquiring deeper insights into these developments through the MS in Computer Science offered by the esteemed TEM University.

As a student, I have excelled at Math and Physics from the school days. I liked these subjects because I could apply logic to solve problems. It was fascinating to apply layers upon layers of knowledge and to methodically make your way out of a seemingly unsolvable enigma.

After completing my school studies, I had a dilemma in choosing the major for my graduation. I was equally fascinated by math and computer science. But after some evaluation, I decided to select CS. The decision was made on the basis of two reasons. Firstly, mathematics, especially at an advanced level, tends to be highly theoretical. Besides, a degree in maths left little room for liberty for a career change later in my career.

Computer Science, on the other hand, is extremely practical in nature. It empowers you to creatively use the technologies almost immediately. I have tried my best to make use of the technologies that I have learned to create websites and applications that are useful to the people. This also allowed me to make some savings by creating web-based applications for others.

I realized the full scope of the creative power of programming during my academic project for the final year. It was the largest project that I had undertaken to that day. The thesis was a computer vision based mouse that aimed to replace mouse units with gesture-based input. The project made use of technologies like image processing, object tracking, and image thresholding. The system was capable of emulating all functionalities by tracking the gestures of the user using a webcam. Although the system required some training to utilize efficiently, the input speed could be increased by a factor of three once the user has crossed the learning curve.

I selected the TEM University for technology as the Honors program in Computer Science is perfect for my needs. The course is industry-oriented and updated according to the most advanced standards. The academy also provides a platform for the students to interact with the research teams and top companies in the US. Finally, the multi-cultural environment of the institution will aid my personal and professional growth.

 In the end, my goal is to work with new and exciting technologies. I have always found it fascinating or work with emerging and developing technologies than tweaking the well-established ones. I am confident that this advanced education will allow me to explore cutting-edge technologies and researches in my career.”

NOTE: It is strongly recommended not to use any part of our personal statement for university examples presented above for your application. The text is only intended as a guide for promoting general awareness.  International universities run the submissions through anti-plagiarism software to ensure that no essays get copied from the web or other places.

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