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If you are aiming for a career in the mental health profession, a degree, masters, or PhD from reputed universities in countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, or Australia can immensely boost your opportunities. However, students who aspire to pursue education from foreign universities will be asked to submit a personal statement for psychology. In case you are not familiar with the term, it is an essay in which you write about yourself. The aim of the document is to tell the university and its faculties about yourself, focusing mostly on your passions and motivations. However, unlike a CV, or similar documents, a psychology personal statement is personal and subjective in nature.

Many students wrongly assume that a psychology master’s personal statement is just a wordy format of their resume. This assumption arises from their lack of experience in reading psychology masters’ personal statement examples. They also get daunted by the idea of writing an essay about themselves. This is the reason why we decided to share a sample psychology personal statement. Please read it in detail to get a feel for the various nuances in tone, style, and language of writing.

Sample Psychology personal statement

My interest in counselling psychology developed as a result of the first-hand experiences of its merits. I lost my father in an accident when I was nine. Following the incident, I became reclusive and started withdrawing myself from friends and family. Many well-wishers advised my mother to take me to a psychologist. My mother was startled by the idea at first, as there are a lot of social stigmas linking psychological treatment to mental disability.  My uncle, however, was able to convince her to take the necessary actions. Eventually, the therapy pulled me back from the gloomy abyss of depression.

After this incident, I began to read a lot of psychological literature. The exposure to the wealth of knowledge from these books has reshaped my mind and thought patterns. This newer approach to life and people has made me more sympathetic and perceptive of other people. I also became curious about how the mindset of the individual can affect the dynamics of the society as a whole.

I came across the concept of lucid dreaming while reading Freud’s ‘The Interpretations Of Dreams’. The notion of becoming conscious within one’s dreams fascinated me so much. I started following the researches of Dr. Steven La Berge and attempted to reproduce the results by myself. My experimentations have found reasonable success within a short period of time. The exploration of my own consciousness was fascinating not only because of its limitless possibilities but also as it helps to get better insights into myself. After completing my formal education, I would like to focus my researches on this exciting field of study. 

A few of the topics outside the domain of psychology that I am interested in are sociology, behavioral sciences, and politics. The effect of social psychology manifests throughout the application of these subjects. In each of such circumstances, the role of psychology is often invisible to the uninitiated. Yet, it affects the lives of the population at large. It is fascinating how even the basic understanding of how the human mind works can facilitate becoming cognizant of people around you. To extend my knowledge in these fields, I have taken up additional courses through various online platforms.

When I establish myself as a mental health professional, one of the focuses of my work will be to encourage people to seek expert help. The modern world poses many anxieties and tensions to the individuals. Most of these problems are difficult to solve on one’s own. In my personal experiences and observations, I have realized that a lot of people are reluctant to seek professional help when facing such stressful challenges in life. This hesitancy is caused by the unreasonable association of mental health issues to psychosis.

I wish to pursue my graduation at the Buena Piensa University in the USA for several reasons.  I have personally verified the courses at your academy are suitable to my needs through various alumni and acquaintances. I wish to learn how to put data from different sources together and utilize them for exploratory analysis.  This will give me plenty of insights into research methodologies that I can put to use in my own studies later in my career.

NOTE: Please note that the text given above is meant only as a psychology master’s personal statement example. You are advised not to copy sentences from this or any other sample personal statement that you find on the internet. There is a high possibility that your document will trigger the anti-plagiarism tests and end up in the termination of your admission. If you want more samples or a high-quality psychology personal statements that are originally written for you, please contact us.

As apparent from the sample given above, composing a personal statement for psychology will take a lot of work. It requires you to present yourself as a confident and capable student while still being humble about it and being open to newer experiences. You must also make sure to use a charming writing style that is seasoned with a suitable choice of words. You might find it challenging to do all these if you are new to the practice of writing. But as professional writers, we actively engaged ourselves in assignments that are challenging and interesting. Leveraging this experience can do it for you while following your demands to the word.  Read along to find some practical tips that we learned from our experiences.

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Personal statement writing tips (for Psychology)

As you know, the academic study of psychology is not limited to its clinical applications only. As it is the systematic study of the human psyche, your psychology personal statement should validate your interest in exploring the intricacies of human dynamics. But listing out your interests and passions alone will make the document sound bland to the readers.  The better approach is to use a narrative style that will not only render the essay interesting, but also easy to express your personal anecdotes and views.

Using psychology quotes for personal statements is one of the popular ways to start your essay. You should not add a quotation just because you feel compelled to. Using well-known quotes from influential figures like Freud and Jung is extremely unoriginal. Also, make sure that you don’t borrow words from famous people unless you are familiar with the circumstance in which they said them. Finally, the psychology quotes cited in your personal statement should make sense with the rest of the content.

When writing a psychology master’s personal statement, you shouldn’t be reluctant in expressing your knowledge of the latest developments and researches. Many students try to do this by forcing information that does not fit into the context of the essay. Keep in mind that trying hard to impress the admission counsel with your erudition will sound pretentious and could potentially backfire. Only talk about things that you know in and out. Do not delve into details, but rather focus your views.

One of the best practices of writing is to include only information that is relevant to your admission. For example, if you check out a counselling psychology personal statement, its contents will be focused on portraying the writer as an empathetic character. You can use your experiences and anecdotes of helping others to substantiate the claim that you will excel as a professional counsellor. Just keep the tone modest so that it doesn’t sound like you are boasting about your achievements.

There will be many things that you are good at. And it is natural to feel a desire to list them all out in your personal statement for psychology But you have to wisely choose which of these will add value to your candidature. The best path is to avoid things that are not relevant to your choice of course. Adding too much personal information will make your essay vague and fussy. Clarity of thoughts and precisions of words, on the other hand, will make the text more impressive.

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