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A personal statement for internal medicine is a supporting document that you need to submit along with your admission application. The text is in this document essentially an essay in which you should highlight your aptitudes in this noble profession and your justification for choosing it. Your family medicine personal statement allows you to express why you wish to become a successful medical professional and how you will go about realizing that dream.

Different universities have their own conditions on how you should write your internal medicine residency personal statement. A few institutions insist that your personal statement for the internal medicine course should be limited to 500 words. There are also some foreign universities that allow you to extend the document for up to 1000 words or so.  Whichever the case may be, the contents that should be included in the essay are usually the same. Generally, you should write about your motivations, career recital, and aptness to join the course.

Some universities give you writing prompts in the form of questions to help you out. Your goal, when trying to write a medicine personal statement, should be to try and include the answers to these questions in your essay without making it sound like a Q&A session. A flawless transitioning of ideas from one point to another defines the strength of your personal statement.

Tips For Writing Medicine Personal Statement

Writing an outstanding family medicine personal statement calls for significant efforts. If you start without any guidelines or goals, your efforts will not be productive. This is why we decided to share a few of the ideas and practices that you can implement when writing. You can also download and read as many internal medicine personal statement samples as possible in img or pdf formats. Firstly, you need to familiarize yourself with a variety of writing styles. It is logical not to limit yourself to residency personal statement examples in internal medicine only. If you read from other courses, even outside medicine, you will be able to broaden your ideas to experiment with in your document.

Many students think that drafting a personal statement for an internal medicine residency course is a linear process. But from our experience as professional writers spanning many years, we can confirm that this no not always the case. The natural workflow of writing requires you to write whatever comes to your mind, edit it, and run around this circle until the work gets completed. Sometimes you will have to take a break, recharge your creative juices and come back to write.

Reading internal medicine personal statement samples can help you get started in the process of writing. But if you are over-dependent on other people’s work, your statement will not appear personal enough. Borrow either the idea or the style, but never both.  Having a unique approach to both the course, and life in general, can get a long way ahead. But make sure that you do not express anything radical or blatantly attention-seeking.

This is a very well-known piece of advice in the writing profession. Basically, it means that you should not have to explicitly state everything you wish to express in a medicine personal statement. But rather, try and show it to the readers with the help of examples. Let us use an illustration to make the idea clearer. Say you want to tell the readers that you are benevolent. Instead of stating it as such, describe the actions you have done like volunteering for charity and so on.

When it comes to writing an internal medicine personal statement, the ultimate goal is to get your message across. Trying to be fancy with complicated sentence structures and too much high-end vocabulary will only confuse your readers. Do not compromise readability for the sake of stylistics. Divide your essay into separate paragraphs whenever you introduce a new idea.  Two common mistakes beginners make are writing extremely long sentences and overusing passive voice.

personal statement for medicine

Example Personal Statement For Medicine

Now that you have some idea of how to write a personal statement residency internal medicine, we will show you how these points come to play in an actual creative piece. Please read the medicine personal statement example given below.

“Medical studies combine the pragmatic nature of science for the betterment of human life. I have been fascinated by this field since childhood. To excel as a medical professional, not only one have a thorough knowledge of the inner dynamics of the human body, but also everything in the surrounding it interacts with. To some extent, the process of diagnosing a disease is like solving a math problem. You have to assimilate the known information and figure out the unknown variables using the right formula. The excitement of this profession, along with its benevolent quality, has convinced me to steer my career along this shore.

As a student, my interests were primarily in science subjects. I enjoyed learning about the unending wonders of nature as much as I loved racking my head on maths problems. Despite the enormous treasure of knowledge that humanity has uncovered to date, we still have a lot more to discover than what we have already learned. The academic curriculum at schools is sometimes procrustean and allows little liberty to individual interests and passions. Therefore, I have relied a lot on books, magazines, and the internet to broaden the boundaries of my knowledge.

At school, I have also been a member of NSS (National Service Scheme) and had the opportunity to participate in a variety of social activities. From cleaning the streets within the proximity of the school to conducting awareness campaigns, the opportunities for personal growth were aplenty. These events were formative to my call for social service. The experiences also served to nurture my communication and leadership skills.

One of my earliest experiences with medical care comes from my school life. I was educated in a residential school where the students were encouraged to participate in all sorts of extra-curricular activities. I would often take the role of a student aide in the medical room. My duties pertaining to medicine were limited to fetching the required medicines for the staff. I have also helped with creating and maintaining the health records of the students.

I have always found satisfaction in voluntary works as it allows me to contribute to the society while widening my vistas at the same time. During the last two years of school, I served as the captain of the social service club. In this capacity, I have organized various fundraising campaigns in and around the campus. I was also able to arrange visits to different institutions like elderly homes and orphanages.

My passions outside the academic world range from playing video games to drawing pictures. During my schooling, I was a regular participant in art competitions and have won several prizes. I have also participated in sports and athletic meets. In my desire to experiment with as many things as possible, I have learned a few musical instruments, the fundamentals of coding, and the Spanish language.

The UK is one of the earliest countries to establish a systematized medical care system for the public. This running start has given the country a superiority in medical studies and research. Even today, the merits of the British system manifest themselves in the health care sector of my country. These reasons convinced me to pursue my education in the United Kingdom.

The ABC school of medicine stood out from other academies due to its research-based teaching methods. The academy is renowned for the contributions it has made to medical research and its innovations in treatment procedures. After learning about the multifaceted features of this institution, I was convinced to locate my studies in this stimulating environment.

I look forward to augmenting my current experiences in the field of medicine and the chance to further enhance my professional knowledge. I am motivated and determined in my career choice and am ready to tackle any challenges this quest pay put forward in my path.”

NOTE: The internal medicine personal statement img is only intended as a sample. Please refrain from using this content as it could potentially risk your application. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with more than one document before you take out your pen and paper.  If you need more samples personal statement of this style, browse around on our site, and please feel free to reach out to us. Read through the documents in detail to understand how the ideas are presented to create a strong impact. We encourage you to try and emulate the writing style from the samples, but never the content as such.

Our success as professional writers stems from years of practice and the passion for helping students achieve their goals. During this long experience, we have been able to distill the art of writing personal statements into a success formula that can be reproduced. And when our writers finish it off with their creative touch you will have a hand-crafted document ready to be submitted to the university. To get a personal statement residency internal medicine written exclusively for you, contact us in the information given below. 

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