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Regardless of the discipline, the aim of your personal statement is to give the admission panel an opportunity to know more about you, and your academic goals. In a personal statement for scholarship, you will also have to explain how the financial aid will support your higher education. The essay should also substantiate your claims for the scholarship with points that make you worthy of it.

Here we have presented a sample personal statement for scholarship application for you, along with a few pointers to guide you on the way. If you are writing the essay on your own, make sure to read a lot of sample personal statements for engineering scholarships. Please keep in mind that you can always get in touch with us if you need professional help with the scholarship essay for masters.

Sample Personal Statement For Scholarship

The key objective of a personal statement for a scholarship is to sway the goodwill of the university admission council in your favor. But simply citing your virtues and qualities is not sufficient to get you a scholarship. The craftsmanship and classiness of your content will give you the edge when competing with students of the same caliber. As you can see from the personal statement for scholarship sample essays, the student needs to write persuasively, balanced by authenticity. But for you, this is no reason for apprehension. Our professional writers are always at your service. Whether you need a Gates Cambridge scholarship personal statement or for any other university, we can help you out.

Here’s a sample personal statement for your evaluation.

“What we are today can only be evaluated on the basis of what we were yesterday. This is true both for the individual and the entire society. My passion for history developed as I read a lot of books that narrated the past like stories. This allowed me to enjoy the events much more without it becoming a burden. In my opinion, the hardships of having to memorize the trivia are what makes most students disinterested in the subject of history. When I achieve the dream of becoming a history teacher, my aim will be to get as many young minds intrigued in this field of study.

During my school age, I would retell the stories that I have learned to my parents. This not only helped me remember the stories later for tests, but also improved my aptitude for narrating ideas impromptu. Later I started taking classes for junior students as a means for making extra money. It was here that I realized my proficiency in teaching.

My capacity to be self-motivated has helped me in become a leader in a variety of extracurricular activities during school and college. My headship qualities were fostered by the opportunities to arrange cultural, sports, and arts events at the campus. I am a prize-winner at public speaking events and writing competitions. I also had the opportunity to work as the Vice President of the College Arts Club. I have also participated in the undertakings of the National Service Scheme (NSS) in an attempt to give back to the society.

I am excited to explore a broader outlook of times gone by, as my passions are not restricted to this century alone. And in particular, look forward to the possibilities of learning the Prehistoric, Medieval, along with the Early Modern era. This solid knowledge of world history will render me a capable teacher in my career. I also believe that this qualification will support me in becoming a historical researcher further down the road.

My choice for selecting the TY University was based on its reputation as the hub of humanities research. The multicultural environment of the academy is ideal for history and cultural studies. I believe that exposure to people from a variety of countries and cultures will help me widen my vistas. I look forwards to the opportunity of interacting with people from all parts of the world.

I am applying for the scholarships offered by the TY University and believe that I would be a worthy beneficiary for the same. If selected for the scholarship, it will be an immense boost to my self-esteem and confidence. As an industrious student, I have always been ardent in my academic and career pursuits. The scholarship will, beyond any doubt, inspire and stimulate me to strive better for success. The scholarship will endow moral responsibilities in me, as I will be obliged to rise up to the expectations. I would always be enthusiastic to walk the extra mile and challenge myself to not just perform well in my academic endeavors but also to dynamically take part in a number of social activities.”

Disclaimer: Given above is a personal statement for scholarship sample pdf. Please do not adapt and make use of the above text for your personal needs. Even if you alter most parts, there is a high possibility that it will be flagged as plagiarism. The personal statement for scholarship sample doc given above is shared with you only for illustration purposes.  To get a personal statement for scholarship written exclusively for you, please contact us at the address or phone number given below.

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    Tips For Writing Your Scholarship Personal Statement

    Here are a few tips that will facilitate the process of creating a personal statement for scholarship pdf. If Make sure to read personal statement for scholarship sample essays from a variety of sources and see how these ideas are applied practically.


    When a university gives monetary aid to a student, they will be expecting something in return. This is not limited to good academic performance alone. The contributions that you can make to any field will add value to your personal statement for a scholarship for a master’s. This could be arts, sports, or social service. If you have any previous experience in such roles, use them to validate your claims.


    It is okay to expect a scholarship just for the financial support. But never make it appear so in your writing. As you observed in our personal statement for scholarship sample essay, you have to explain how the money will you function better as a student. This could be the upliftment of your spirit. Or perhaps you get more time to dedicate to studies because you don’t have to work a part-time job.


    Your personal statement for scholarship essays should not be restricted to talking about your eligibility for the award. Unless you need to adhere to a low word count, talk about your passion for studying the course from your target university. Make the document more convincing by sharing your career goals with the readers in an interesting way.

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