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Are you an enthusiastic student but facing obstacles in writing a personal statement for residency? As a reputed professional writing service provider, we can help you create an impactful residency personal statement for internal medicine admission. Through our interactions with several applicants from diverse academic backgrounds, we know the best way to write admission essays. Our writers can fulfill all your demands and make sure to include your passions, aims, and visions in your personal statement for internal medicine residency.

Given below is a sample personal statement for internal medicine residency. If you are not familiar with such academic documents, please go through the given sample a few times to get a better idea of how to formulate one. We have also included a few guidelines that can help you write a residency personal statement on your own. If you still need help with the writing task, feel free to contact us for our professional services.

Residency Personal Statement Examples

“My decision to join lines with the medical professionals was the combined effect of a few motivating factors. For me, the fascination for this field started with the admiration for the career. My uncle was a doctor. In my childhood, I would often approach him about various questions regarding human health. He was generous enough to take his valuable time to explicate the science behind those doubts and quench my curiosity. After completing my school studies, I knew that medicine is the most suitable professional path for me.

The field of medicinal studies incorporates diverse fields of disciplines. I have found the career to be as much humanitarian as it is science. The knowledge and skill we employ to treat people are a result of scientific innovations and researches. But the driving force that leads us to do the same is empathy and the inner desire to help one another. This is why I believe that the medical profession encompasses the essence of humanity. This nobility of the profession has been crucial in convincing me to choose internal medicine.

On top of academics, I have actively taken part in different extra-curricular activities as well. I was a student volunteer at the National Med Fest for the final years of my course. I have represented my college in various quiz and arts programs. These opportunities were vital in cultivating my administrative and interpersonal skills. Other areas that tickle my palette include drawing, reading, and playing computer games.

I still remember my early days at the medical college. There was an overwhelmingly large quantity of information thrown in our way. There was also a feeling of nausea that accompanied the first visits to the operation theater. However, gradually, I became capable of overpowering these contradictory feelings. I believe that this was also an effect of the many good professors I was fortunate to have. They instilled a sense of purpose in each and every class.

The medicine duty rotations provided me the opportunity to interact with a variety of clients. The skillsets and practical expertise I assimilated during the years of med school have helped me develop compassion and concern towards the patients. The interactions with the patients are one of the most enjoyable parts of this professional that often get overlooked. Often, eliciting the patient history exposes you to very insightful personal experiences.

I feel excited to join a training program that involves an equal part of theoretical and research-based education. This opportunity will be conducive to my growth both as a person and as a medical professional. At present, it is not with insecurity that I make my steps forward, but with the exhilaration and eagerness for the challenges that are on the way to achieving a fruitful career in internal medicine. I look forward to a positive reply from your part.”

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the above sample personal statement for residency school is given to you only for reference purposes. It is by no means intended as a template into which you can replace your data. In fact, if you do that there is a high chance that your application will be get rejected. Besides, such a document will not accurately reflect your personality to produce the desired effect.  The best personal statements will be convincing, well-phrased, and exuding confidence in every word.  They should also properly communicate your passion for the proposed course.

In our experience, the reason why a lot of students find it hard to write a personal statement is not due to the lack of writing skills but because they are they lack practice. Writing is a skill that can be perfected only through rigorous and dedicated training. This is also why we recommend you to take your best chances by availing yourself of our services. Over the years, we have helped out thousands of students with their document writing.   If you want an original personal statement that is written and proofread by expert professional writers, get in touch with us.

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    Residency Personal Statement

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