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A personal statement, in a professional context, encapsulates what you can bring to the table as an employee. Generally, employers expect your personal statement sample for job to be concise and submit a maximum of two paragraphs. While this makes the writing process more manageable, it will leave you with a smaller margin for error.  But this should not be a reason for worry. Read on to find some practical ideas that you can use while drafting a personal statement sample for a job.

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How to write Personal statement for job applications

Often, a personal statement for job application is required to be short and precise. This is because, unlike an admission essay for college education, employers will have much less time to securitize your profile for every aspect.  Their primary focus will be to sift through the personal statements for the job from various aspirants and quickly filter out the most suitable candidates. Therefore, it makes little sense to burden them with a plethora of extra information.

It is a good practice to make the very first paragraph the summary of your entire profile. This means that the opening of your personal statement for the job should include your current position, total years of experience, and a few words describing your best skills and expertise. It is also reasonable to highlight any job-relevant course or education in the opening paragraph itself.

We have seen many freshers wondering how to write a personal statement for your first job. If you have little to no previous work experience that you can highlight, it is best to focus the essay on your academic merits and skills. If you have held any responsible roles during your student days, for example, as the student chairman of your college or the secretary of a club, make sure to portray this as a demonstration of your capacity. Talking about your projects and research experiences is also a great way to counterbalance your inexperience.

Another factor that can make up for your lack of experience is proving your field insights. Perhaps you have completed a course that is relevant to your target job. Such knowledge can be brought to the attention of your future employer by strategically using industry-relevant keywords and vocabulary.  Reading sample personal statement for teaching assistant and other jobs can help you in this regard.

One of the proven ways to improve your writing skills is to read multiple personal statements for job application examples. This will not only give you an idea of what things should be mentioned in the document, but also how best to arrange your ideas on the paper. The best personal statement sample for a job will show you how to include maximum information in minimum words without confusing your audience.

Tips for improving Personal statement for job

Many of you might already have the experience of writing a personal statement for grad school admission. Perhaps you want to leverage that experience to draft your personal statement for a job application. Here are a few points that will make your documents more powerful. Also, make sure to go through our personal statement examples for job application forms to get a better idea about the writing style.

  • Familiarize yourself with the job requirements

Prior to setting your laptop to type out the personal statement for a job application, read through the company’s profile and the job requirements. And this should not be just limited to the specifications for the essay alone. Write the document so that it answers any question your prospective employer might have regarding your skills, capabilities, or credentials.

  • Highlight your skills

Which of your skills, do you think, will be the most beneficial to your prospective employer? Once you identify these skills,  showcase them in the proper light. For instance, in a personal statement for a teaching job, the focus of the essay should be on your interpersonal and communication skills. Any experience that you have with training younger minds will increase your chances of getting the job.

  • Express your passion for the job

Earning money is undoubtedly one of the key purposes for seeking a job. However, it should not be your sole objective, at least in your personal statement for the job. In just about every occupation, you can find a higher meaning in what you do. If you have a unique and personal reason why the role is important to you, mention it in the write-up. 

  • Do not generalize

Perhaps you are planning to use the same personal statement for multiple job applications. While this might save a few hours, it could end up being counterproductive to your job hunt. Remember, each job is different from the others and necessitates a unique set of skills to execute with perfection. Creating a separate document for each job and emphasising relevant skills will boost your chances of getting shortlisted

  • Avoid clichés

We recommend not to fill your personal statement for a job with set phrases like hardworking and excellent communication skills. Use them sparingly and substantiate such claims with your experiences. Instead of merely stating ‘possessing outstanding interpersonal skills’, write ‘expertly handled negotiations with clients and contractors’. Reframing your talents in a way that is appropriate to your job will bolster your prospects.

NOTE: But there is one key idea that you should use to wrap the points mentioned above together. It is to match the intent of your future employer. When writing for a particular firm, look into their services and products. Visit the company website and read their job posting in detail to get a grasp of their general outlook. Shape your profile so that the manager reading it get the feeling that you are a good fit for their work environment and culture. However, make sure not to overdo this technique because if you make it obvious, it could backfire.

Remember that a personal statement for a job is slightly different from one for academic purposes. When applying for admission, it is more about proving your passion for the field of study. But in the case of a job, you have to prove your expertise and show your confidence to outperform others.  Do not express any doubts or uncertainty regarding your abilities. And don’t shy away from using a few jargons as it can help show your familiarity with the domain. If you need professional help that portrays you as a suitable candidate, contact us right now.

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