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­personal statement for nursing needs to be compelling enough to make a mark during admission. This is a document that you submit along with your application for admission. It should be written with a focus on your strengths, describing how you envision yourself as a nursing professional in the future. The personal statement gives you an opportunity to explain your rationale for choosing a career in nursing. You will also be able to present yourself as a suitable candidate. Read on to get some practical tips we have for nursing students in creating personal statements. We will also give you a nursing personal statement example to illustrate the ideas.

How To Write A Nursing Personal Statement

Carrying out a little research before you start creating the first draft of your nursing personal statement, the entire process will become a smooth ride. In this section, we will focus on a few of such preparations you have to make to write effectively. Although it might sound like a waste of time at first, from our professional experience of writing personal statements for nursing students, we can guarantee you that these steps will boost your productivity and efficiency in the long run. So, make sure that you not only read them but also try and implement them in the actual writing process.

In most cases, universities will give you instructions on how to formulate your nursing personal statement. Make a note of the word limit they have given you. Read the stipulations clearly to make sure whether the institute asks you to answer any specific questions in the essay. Keep these ideas in mind while conducting the brainstorm session (discussed below). You can also use this opportunity to look up the feature of your target nursing school and its curriculum. The conclusions you make can be used to substantiate your reasons for selecting the academy. 

It is difficult to find the right ideas when you are writing. Chances of missing gout crucial points are high, if you try to put your ideas as they come to mind. For example, when you are writing the introduction of your adult health nursing personal statement, a brilliant idea may pop up in your mind about how to conclude the essay. But by the time you reach the last part, you will have no memory left of it. This is why we fish for ideas in a dedicated session. Write down everything you want to include. If random plans pop up while you are writing, jot them down.

Before embarking upon any task, it is useful to get acquainted with what people who have already walked the same path have done. If you want to write a mental health nursing personal statement, see how other students have portrayed themselves through the document.  This will not only give you a sense of direction but also make you aware of the potential mistakes you are likely to make. The fact that you are mindful of these mistakes by itself will reduce the chances of committing them.

Sometimes when you are writing about yourself in the adult nursing personal statement, it is easy to lose your way around. We advise you to start by preparing an outline of the ideas you want to include in the essay. This will help you trace the logical flow of ideas as you move from paragraph to paragraph. Preparing the bare-bone structure of the essay on a paper will make it easy to edit the document if you want to introduce a new idea or remove one. 

Nursing personal statement

Sample Nursing Personal Statement

As stated earlier, reading nursing personal statement examples is an excellent way to warm up your mind before you write. It is best to read the works by more than one author to get a broader perspective. Keep an eye for elements that you can adapt to your own nursing personal statement. Perhaps you like the way in which they have arranged ideas in the nursing personal statement example.  Or maybe it is the sentence structures that you wish to emulate. Whichever the case may be, do not copy sentences as such from the nursing personal statement sample given below or from anywhere else on the internet as it could amount to plagiarism.

“I choose a career in nursing because there are few professions that can provide the same degree of satisfaction. Understanding the obligation to compassionately support the weaker members of the society has motivated me to join for a nursing degree since I was a child. As a big step in actualizing this dream, I apply for the nursing course from the Angel Beats Nursing School.

As a passionate learner, I have maintained a good performance all through my academic life. I completed my Secondary Education at Vishwa Vidyalaya School in Karnataka state. My favorite subjects have been chemistry and biology. The theories they entail are the key to unlocking the mysteries of nature. To further enhance my knowledge and to stay informed on modern scientific advancements, I have taken part in a variety of supplementary classes and courses.

I acquired a lot of professional experience while working at the Holy Cross Hospital in Bangalore. It was here that I realized that nursing is not just a virtuous profession, but also a cordial community. The staff and co-workers were genuinely happy to answer any question that I had. They were tolerant of my insistent curiosity and would take their time to meticulously explain each doubt I approached them with.

The communications with colleagues were only one-half of the experience. The interactions with the patients were much more strong eye-openers into the realities of life. The stories of different patients from different backgrounds were moving and have caused me to think deeper about the meaning of life and other philosophical questions. And bringing a smile to their face every day was one factor that made me look forwards to each new day with enthusiasm.

The nature of the nursing profession necessitates its practitioners to be attentive to minute details. Even minor variations in the patient’s conditions can alter the course of treatment and the prognosis. I had a chance to nourish my skills while working at the pharmacy wing of the hospital where I had to assist in the distribution of prescriptions to clients. The task demanded speed and efficiency. I also had to ensure that the patients receive the right medication in the appropriate dosage.

Apart from this, I am a chess player who regularly participate in competitive events since high school. The local chess club is one of my favorite places to relax after stressful days of work. However, due to the lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, I take resort to online chess playing for the past year. I also enjoy participating in social activities as a volunteer.

I decided to study nursing in Canada as it offers much more professional opportunities. In addition to this, the fee structures of the country are much more considerate of international students like me from developing countries. The Curriculum of the Angel Beats School of Nursing is sophisticated and focuses on instilling practical skills in the students. Such an academic setting will bestow me with the best chance of evolving into an adept professional.

After the completion of this course, I will return to my country and start my career. My plan is to gain substantial amount of work experience, after which I will pursue higher studies and get qualified to teach nursing. In the long run, I envision myself as a nursing professor who can teach good values to students and inspire more aspirants to join the honorable profession.”

NOTE: The above personal statement for nursing will give you a clear idea of how to go about writing one for yourself. But we would like to remind you of one mistake that many beginners fall for when drafting their own documents. They copy text from the internet and end up getting rejected. This happened because they were unaware that universities check these documents for plagiarism. There is no doubt that reading samples will make your own personal statement better. But please make sure not to use anything that you find published on the internet or elsewhere as such.

This is why, along with the sample personal statement for nursing, we have given you a step-by-step process that you can follow. This is a time-tested method used by professional writers, including us.  We recommend you try writing on your own a few times. If you find it difficult to finish your personal statement or can’t maintain a consistent quality throughout, you can always reach out to us. We will help you take the document to the next level. All you have to do is type in your name and email address in the form given to the right and hit submit.

    Why Hire Professional Nursing Personal Statement Writers

    A personal statement for nursing will get meticulously examined by the members of the admittance panel of your target institution. This necessitates the fact that you have to keep the document free from errors of all sorts. A few minor mistakes in the essay will mark all your efforts. The admission authorities would get the impression that you have not given enough time and attention to the writing process. 

    But the truth is that even if they spend a lot of time looking for faults, in experienced writers will fail to detect them, as they have not honed their proofreading skills yet. It is easy to overlook mistakes in your own writing. The end result will be a personal statement for nursing that is too weak to create an impact.

    However, there is no reason for you to worry about fixing such nitty-gritties. Consulting our professional writer, you can have an nursing personal statement that emanates excellence all over.

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