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Do you wish to join a reputed foreign university for an MS in Computer Science? But you are probably worried about how best to draft your Statement of Purpose. An SOP for Computer Science is a document for students to display their subject knowledge, talents, and experiences. A well-written SOP will increase your chances of admission greatly. For this reason, drafting your SOP should be taken seriously.

As professional sop writers, we are well aware of the tips and tricks for writing high-quality SOP. Here we share a sample sop and illustrate the concepts involved further down the page.

Sample SOP MS (Computer Science)

Students aspiring for admission to post-graduation in Computer Science often look for sample SOPs before writing their own.  The sample statement of purpose will give them a good idea of how to formulate and arrange their ideas. Below, we provide you with a Sample Statement of Purpose written from the perspective of an Indian student who is completing his graduation in Computer Science. The document is for admission to a university in the US.

Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Science (Sample)

“We live in the middle of a technological revolution – especially in the field of computer science. The radical changes that abound day by day have the potential to steer humanity to unseen vistas. The idea of being a part of the dynamically evolving field of computer science excites me very much. When I was a child, I found delight in trying my hands on my father’s computer and experimenting with various software. I grew up closely following each and every significant development in the world of computers. As a result of this, selecting Computer Science as my graduation major was an intuitive choice for me. As my undergraduate course approaches its conclusion, I have become determined to carry on my education in a more ambitious and top-notch international setting.

As a high school student, I performed well overall, and the subjects of physics, mathematics, and chemistry were my forte. I had the fortune to be instructed by teachers who recognized my interests in these subjects and motivated me to keep working on my scientific predisposition and refining my analytical aptitude. Their mentorship and recommendation were pivotal in confirming that my decision to major in Computer Science is the best for me. During my undergraduate studies, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed learning programming concepts and systems analysis. With the support of my strong background in mathematics, I outshined in courses that involve calculus, statistics, and differential equations. Gradually I developed an appreciation for the vastness of this field and its endless opportunities for advanced studies and research.

I have been very active beyond the walls of my classroom, partaking in extracurricular events and exploring novel experiences to push myself and widen my horizons. I am a dynamic participant in technical and cultural events at my college and a contributor to the organizing of such events as well. Taking part in such activities provided me a platform to unfold my flair for taking the initiative.  I am a devoted badminton player and have won the third position in the Interstate Championships 2019 and other competitions across different levels. I have also served as the captain of my college team for a year.

Owing to my academic merits, I received exciting job offers from two reputed firms in India through campus selection.  After scrutinizing these opportunities, I had a period of indecisiveness as to how I want to move forward with my career. As exciting as these offers were, I wanted to further my knowledge and gain deeper insights before stepping into the professional world. Some analysis and consults convinced me that it would be logical to stick with the progression of academics. I also came to the decision that learning from a university outside my country will be ideal as it provides global exposure and is more conducive to my professional prospects.

The most logical destination for my postgraduate studies is the USA, the country that is the heart and brain of computer researches. The thriving tech industry is a testimony of the high quality of education offered by the country’s universities, and it gives me hopes of completing an internship from a company of international excellence. Studying abroad, in the US, will dole out not just an extended range of professional proficiency but also a much more far-reaching global outlook. The fact that the country is home to students from various countries and cultures makes it a more favorable decision.

In my research for the best institutes for higher education, I came across the MS in Computer Science offered at the ABC University.  In addition to providing exceptional infrastructures and cutting-edge research facilities, the university focuses on rendering the students professionally capable in their choice of career. I found that the university has a panel of veteran faculty with extensive research backgrounds in the industry. The participatory and experimental methods of pedagogy they use are guaranteed to simulate my aptitudes. I am equally thrilled by the consideration your academy places on non-academic activities and especially on athletics and sports. Considering these factors, I decided to secure admission to the prestigious ABC University.

After learning the superlative standards and practices from the US, I plan to implement them in my country’s tech industry. In India, compared to well-developed countries, the software industry is still in its early stages and has a lot of growth potential. By undertaking the Master’s program offered by your university and hopefully accumulating work experience through an internship in an American firm, I expect to have the adeptness, the insights, and the experience required to become an innovative professional. On various occasions, I have come across peers with equivalent goals. I harbor a dream of assembling them and forming a firm that offers exemplary services to the nation. This course will assuredly gear me up for such an ambitious endeavor.”

NOTE: The above SOP is provided only as an example for students seeking admission in Computer Science at foreign universities. Do not use it as such for your personal needs. Universities check every Statement of Purpose they receive with software to ensure that nothing is copied from the Internet. Copying even a few sentences of this Sample SOP for MS in CS may result in your application getting rejected. Even if you accidentally recreate sentences from elsewhere, it could potentially do harm. To get plagiarism-free content, contact us right now.

MS in Computer Science

How to prepare your own SOP for MS in computer science – explained with sample

Hopefully, the above sample has given you an outline on how to proceed with your draft. Here we add a few explanations to help you come up with such writing on your own.

A statement of purpose is a very personal document. Every idea you introduce should connect to your backgrounds, skills, or dreams in some way. Some students wrongly assume that it just a wordy format of their CV. However, this is not true at all.

Firstly, the SOP for admission to a Computer Science program should explain how your background relates to computer studies. In the example we provided, the student was already a Computer Science graduate. However, if you do not have an academic background in the same field, the document should have a part justifying how you became drawn into this field of study. You can also illustrate the efforts you have taken to acquaint yourself with the upcoming courses.

Your SOP for MS in CS should include your work experiences and how they will contribute to your studies. This would be a great time to briefly mention your contribution and achievements. Don’t limit yourself to what tasks you have don’t at a company. Say what you learned from it, how it changed your perspective – both personally and professionally, and so on.

After you have neatly tied your academic and professional background with regards to your preferred course it is about time to conclude. But before that, it is wise to explain why you decided to study at the particular university and the country. Oftentimes you will have to research the website and brochures of comparable universities and point out the features you think they lack. The faculty of your target university should be convinced that you picked their institution based on solid reasons and not just arbitrarily.

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