SOP for MS in Information Systems

An MS in Information Systems will open up doors to many rewarding and high-paying roles in the modern industry. When you apply for higher studies in universities outside India, you have to submit a Statement of Purpose. But many students come to a sudden halt when they try to draft an SOP. Or they end up with a very weak one.

As professional SOP writers, we had the opportunity to help hundreds of such students over the years. The documents that our writers carefully craft will strengthen your application and augment the possibility of your dream coming true. We can help you with your SOP for MS in Information Management Systems in foreign countries like the USA, the UK, and Canada.

MS in Information Systems (Sample SOP)

It is always better to show than to tell. To exemplify the quality of our services, we provide you a sample Statement of Purpose for MS in Information Systems.

“What fascinated me about Information system study is its nature of origin. When the traditional management strategies were at a loss at adequately handling the snowballing developments in computer technology, a new field of study emerged to bridge the gap – Information Systems. As a modern and hybrid discipline, the subject is extremely practical and less cluttered with hypothetical theories.  Having served in this field for over three years and having acquired profound insights into its application, I became passionate to follow it up with a Mater’s course. I wish to pursue the program from your esteemed university and empower myself to face the rising demands of the industry.

As a high school student, I was characterized by my affinity for logical thinking and my good scores in the subjects of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Later during higher secondary education, I learned the basics of computer programming and did well in that subject also. Thanks to my scholastic aptitudes, I finished as the topper of my school and the fourth rank holder of the state. Subsequently, I concluded my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from XYZ Institute of Technology &Science in Chennai with a CGPA of 8.4.

In addition to academics, I have participated in many extracurricular activities as well. I was an active member of the University Social Club that primarily undertook community service and voluntary activities. This doled out the opportunity to be a part of various events and fundraising campaigns to help the underprivileged members of society. I was also a member of the literature club and have been involved in the cultural activates organized at our campus.

The additional courses that I have undertaken helped bridge my knowledge gap and stay updated on the latest developments.  The workshop in Python programming led by Amazon India and the one on Ethical Hacking by IIT Mumbai are some of them. I also finished the C and C++ programming certification from Harvard University through the EdX platform.

As a strong proponent of practical learning, I have approached my academic projects as an occasion to apply the knowledge that I have learned through the course. The major project for my graduation was Maximum PowerPoint Tracing. It was a mechanism to evaluate the output of electric panels with the help of advanced computing. The excellent reception that the project revived from different academic circles convinced me to publish it as a research paper in the International Scientific Journal.

It was through my professional stints that I realized the scope and potential of Information Systems.  I carefully witnessed the role played by information systems in making effective and intelligent market decisions. Since most businesses are driven by conclusions made after analyzing a large amount of data, I understood that having intelligent and efficient systems is vital to success. In the course of my professional life, I have learned that there are numerous opportunities in the field for me.

At present, after having acquired the fundamental knowledge and expertise in the field, I think this is the appropriate moment to pursue my post-graduate studies. After associating with the Information systems technologies for various projects at work, I became interested in following it as an academic challenge. I got encouraged to take up this program while surfing through the pages of your university’s website. The MS in Information Systems offered by your institution is perfect for my academic and professional goals. After exploring the details of the program, I became convinced about this decision. The curriculum is well prepared to meet the industry demands. And it seamlessly commingles the aspects from Information technology and management studies.

After the completion of the course, I plan to return to India. With the knowledge acquired through this course, I will be able to have a rewarding career in one of the leading firms in my country. When I have gathered sufficient experience and proficiency, I want to launch my own consulting firm. I am confident that this qualification will enable me to place myself as an industry expert and deliver international quality service to my country.”

Alert: Please keep in mind that the above SOP sample is given as a model only.  Do not use this for your admission for MS in Information Systems. Even if you change the essential detail, it will trigger the plagiarism checkers.

SOP for MS in Information Systems

Specialist SOP writers for MS in Information Systems

The SOP is an important document that gets read by the members of the admission council. If you are not confident in your writing skills, it is better to leave the matter to us professionals. We take every step to ensure that no mistake makes its way into your document.

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