SOP for MS in Embedded Systems

Preparing an SOP has become an important procedure for MS in Embedded Systems and other popular courses from foreign countries. Just like your CV and academic certificates, an SOP gets meticulously assessed by the admission council. But unlike the other documents, the SOP gives them a glimpse into your characteristics as a person. A great motivation letter should be personal and interesting. Here we give you sop samples for MS in Germany to explain how to write a good one.

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Sample SOP (for MS in Embedded Systems in Germany)

“I was avidly fascinated by electronic devices since I was a kid, often dismantling and reassembling electronics toys and other small gadgets. Although only experimenting at the earlier stages, I accumulated bits of knowledge here and there. Recognizing my passion, my father started talking me to his friend’s electronic repair shop, where I gained unstructured yet valuable knowledge. They trained me to identify different electric components and taught me about their functions. As I grow up, they allowed me to try our soldering on PCBs and repair smaller devices. These experiences nurtured my interest in this field and led me to pursue it academically.

Being an inquisitive learner it was facile for me to get good scores all through my academic life. I finished my secondary schooling from the Board of Secondary Education AP at Bharathiya Secondary School with first-class. Maintaining the same strive, I secured 86% marks on my intermediate studies.

Subsequently, I signed up for a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at The National Institute of Engineering and Technology in Delhi. The course imparted fundamental knowledge in Electrical Engineering, solutions to power problems, microelectronic devices, and other relevant subjects. I completed my undergraduate studies with distinction marks.

Apart from academics, I have actively taken part in different non-academic activities. I was a volunteer at the National Tech Fest for two years and was the representative of my college at the university level quizzes and competitions. These opportunities were pivotal in nurturing my management and interpersonal skills. Other areas of interest include sketching, geocaching, and playing chess.

After completing my graduation, I was hired by Brilliant Electronics Ltd as a junior project engineer. The most significant undertaking that I have worked on is the ‘Flight Control System’ developed to optimize flight drones.  Our team was uncertain about the project feasibility and did not have the funds to experiment it out. Due to this reason, we decided to run the system as a virtual simulation in the MATLAB program to determine its viability before committing to other investments. My contribution was the virtual prototype of the hardware system that included antennas, engines, and microcontrollers. The managerial team appreciated my work for its perfection and foresightedness. The success of our project made me want to take part in more ambitious projects and propelled me to pursue higher education.

And on reflection, it seemed rational to refine my expertise through education before seeking more ambitious professional roles. After consulting with superiors, I decided that a master’s in Embedded Systems is the best course of action. It combines my interests in advanced electronics with my research aspirations and enables me access to rewarding job opportunities as well.

As far as knowledge is concerned, from where and whom you learn something is equally important as what you have learned. Germany is the birth land of numerous pioneers from all fields – art, philosophy, science, and engineering. And today, the country’s labs and research facilities are among the vanguard that brings about technological innovation. Possessing a thriving electronic industry, Germany appealed to me as the ideal spot for my pursuits.

 I went through the online portals of various universities in Germany to find the institution most suited for MS in Embedded Systems. The ABC College, with its outstanding academic program and experimental teaching style, struck me as the perfect destination. I was excited to learn that the teaching panel consisted of many eminent professors with a vast research background. Such a setting is conducive to my objectives of proceeding with my career as a researcher. Another factor that convinced me to pursue your academy is its affiliation with the Deutschland National Research Centre and the guaranteed internship. I believe that the training program perfectly complements the academic program.

My academic background and professional achievements are the strong points I hope to bring forth to your college. I am willing to support this with unwavering determination and perseverance. I feel that your university will be the appropriate place for me to reach the best heights of my life.  The proposed course will undoubtedly be a great stride forward in my expedition to be a research-oriented electronics professional.”

Note: As you can see, the sample SOP for MS in Embedded Systems maintains a personal approach while narrating things in a formal tone. To the untrained eyes, it might not appear as if the essay follows a structural outline. However, this is not the case. If you dissect the document, it is possible to see that every word in it is written with a purpose. Each paragraph is a logical continuation of its predecessor and makes way for its successor.  In the next section, we give you a basic framework that can be used for writing SOP.

SOP for MS in Embedded Systems

Making an SOP for MS in Embedded Systems – described with sample

A good SOP is a multifaceted document. It should be skillfully composed with attention to many details. Here we enlist some of the important components to illustrate how it is implemented in the Sample SOP for MS in Embedded Systems provided above.

  • Motivation: Some universities refer to the SOP document as Motivation Letter for masters in embedded systems. This is because what you say inside it should fully express your motivation for joining the course. Your motivation can be childhood passion, the prospects of changing careers, and recent interest. In our example, the student clearly states that he became interested in electronics during childhood and wants to join an MS for getting into research.
  • Academic experience: The Universities are interested in knowing how your educational studies culminated in your passion for this course. If you come from an unrelated field of study, make sure to substantiate the motivations for the change. Don’t get overexcited about your grades, but rather focus on what you have gained from your academic life. You can also add any additional courses you have taken if it adds value to your application.
  • Career history: Dedicate a paragraph, or two if you are experienced, to talk about your professional life. This could also include your internships. Many first-timers make the mistake of simply listing out their jobs. A better approach is to mention the values you have gained from each of the work stints. You can also talk briefly about awards or other accolades. If you have worked on projects related to Embedded Systems mention it in your SOP for MS.
  • Plans: Having a definite idea about your future will impress the admission council. Don’t say you want a well-paying job, but rather a gratifying one. Create the impression that you are not going to stop here and will strive for success throughout your life. If you have a company or role that you want to work in, mention it. In the sample SOP for MS in VLSI the student clearly wants to become a researcher.

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