SOP for MS in Petroleum Engineering

Are you facing trouble drafting an SOP for your MS in Petroleum Engineering? Universities outside India demand a statement of purpose to go with your admission application Petroleum Engineering masters. In its essence, the document is a personal essay clearly stating your reasons for selecting the course and their college. It can also include a summary of your academic background and work experience.

SOP Sample for Petroleum Engineering (MS)

Given below is a sample statement of purpose for admission to MS in which our imaginary candidate is applying for Petroleum Engineering. This SOP can also be used as a sample for similar disciplines like petroleum economics masters.

“It is difficult, if not impossible, to visualize a world without petrol and oil products. The steady supply of petroleum fuels, or its lack thereof, can cause large-scale political and economic changes around the world.  And this equilibrium is maintained with the help of scientists and engineers, who came up with the technologies and devices to extract the commodities. After deep pondering and scope assessment, I have concluded that an MS in petroleum engineering is the best progression for my academic journey.

I have always been fascinated by the functioning of complex machines. This passion guided me in selecting a degree in mechanical engineering after completing my higher secondary education. I was determined to join one of the reputed universities in my country. For this reason, I dedicated one year to prepare myself for the national entrance exam. My perseverance paid off and I got admission to IIT Kharagpur, which is one of the most prestigious institutions in India. The course was completed in 2021 with a CGPA of 8.6.

I have also completed supplementary courses that will make up for the shortcomings in my academic knowledge and expand my horizons. The workshop on Thermal Power Cycles from the Indian IIT Chennai and the course on Liquid Systems from IIST Trivandrum are a few among them. Partaking in AutoCAD training and Vehicle Technology developed my pragmatic understandings of these theories as well.

In addition to this, I have actively participated in a variety of extra-curricular activities also. As a drummer, I have competed and won prizes in different competitive performances. My artistic skills combined with my technical education introduced me to concept drawing, and it became one of my hobbies.

As a recent graduate, my experience with the professional world is limited to internships. My first stint was at the Shipyard in Vishakhapatnam, where I was involved in engineering procedures in constructing and mending vessels, production regulation and review, and quality check. They instructed me both from the perspective of an engineer and a sailor. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

However, I decided to pursue higher education before committing myself to professional life. This seemed like the optimal decision based on a few factors. Firstly, the modern job markets are highly competitive and there is little edge graduation alone can provide. Also, the leading companies are looking for candidates with specialization. Considering this, I decided to focus my education on accruing specific skillsets and knowledge in the petroleum industry. India’s petroleum industry is thriving. But surprisingly, the Indian academic world is yet to accept Petroleum Engineering as a major field of study. This imbalance has created a great demand for people who are well qualified particularly for those who have received training from universities outside the country. 

There are several reasons which convinced me to place my studies in Canada. To begin with, the country offers education of international excellence but is more affordable than what countries like the USA and Australia offer. As a highly developed nation, Canada’s universities focus on more practical and industry oriented training. This is ideally in line with what I am looking for in industrial technology course like petroleum engineering. As petroleum trade is prolific in the land of maple leaves, there are ample opportunities to gain industrial exposure. To conclude, it is very encouraging that Canada is very convivial of international students.

The MS in petroleum engineering offered by the esteemed CB University immediately captured my attention. The curriculum is very practical and explores even the latest development in the industry. As the course is prepared and taught by professors with a vast industrial background, its value and prospects are extremely high. The extensive program for international students, combined with the excellent student support services, provided by your university also weighed in my decision to learn from there.

After the completion of the course, I will return to India to commence my professional life. And this international qualification will endow me with the support and confidence to scale heights in my career.  It would be my privilege if you accept my application for the master’s degree program in Petroleum Engineering from your esteemed university.”

NOTE: The above text is provided just as a sample for admission in Petroleum Engineering. Please do not use it per se for your individual requirements. Universities crosscheck the SOPs they receive with software to ensure that nothing is copied from the Internet. Copying even a few sentences this Sample SOP for MS may result in rejection.

MS student reading sop in petroleum engineering

Tip to strengthen your SOP for MS in Petroleum Engineering

The admission council of your target university uses the statement of purpose to evaluate your prospects – not just as a student for MS in oil and gas engineering, but also as a member of their organization. That is why highlighting academic scores alone in the SOP seldom works. The document should be written in a confident yet modest tone. Refrain from boasting about your merits or overwhelming them with your aspirations. And above all, you should make your motivations obvious and substantiate them with reasons.

Another factor that adds value to your SOP is your goals. We have seen some students take this advice to the extreme extent and state extremely improbable dreams. Please don’t do this as you will come off as an impractical person. But rather talk about realistic and achievable goals.  And make sure to say it with confidence even if it is not highly ambitious.

The next tip for securing MS in Petroleum Engineering is to keep your SOP free from errors. This might sound like stating the obvious. But this advice is so well known that many students overlook it. Of course, mistakes are difficult to find out on your own. This is why you should critically read your documents several times before sending them. If you can have an experienced person proofread it for you, much better.

As a bonus tip, endorse your application for Petroleum Engineering with a letter of recommendation. Pay attention when you select the recommender. If you have highlighted an academic project or a career achievement in your statement, get the endorsement from someone who oversaw your work at that time, for example, your project guide or your manager.

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