SOP FOR Masters IN economics

SOP for masters in economics


Are you in search of professional writers who can write a high-quality statement of purpose for your admission for MS in Economics?

Every aspirant dreaming of an international career in finance and economics starts with foreign education. Such courses will build your capacity to manage a firm or even government agencies when you get hired into such positions. If you are planning to pursue and master’s in economics but got stuck with the motivation letter, don’t worry. We are here to help.

Sample SOP For Masters In Economics

Given below is a sample statement of purpose for an MS in Economics. The length of the SOP is standardized but can be increased or decreased according to the requirements of each university.


“The farthest I can trace back my interest in financial studies is the interactions with my uncle. After retiring as a soldier, he became interested in the share market and spent a substantial amount of time studying and analyzing the market strategies. He would take his time to explain the concepts to quench my curiosity. I observed how he logically decided what stocks to buy, hold and sell. Later, when school studies introduced me to economics, I was able to relate the concepts and imbibe the theories effectively. For me, I was natural to select Economics for my undergraduate degree.

After completing my graduation, I was hired by The Hindu, a leading Indian newspaper, to cover financial news. This position allowed me to explore and understand the modern economic scenario in depth. I also developed the skill to articulate high-level concepts in a way that is comprehensible to the common man. I also got the opportunity to associate with any leading experts for interviews and consults. This stint has been an instructive experience as it refined my writing craft and made substantial gains in my research skills, while constantly augmenting my knowledge and subject expertise.

Many generous hands have supported me in my journey so far. As a result, I have always been moved by the drive to contribute back to society in my personal and professional lives. I have volunteered my spare time to the activities of various organizations that aim to solve social causes. I have participated in charity events that collect foodstuff and clothing and donate them to the inhabitants of poorhouses and old-age homes on a regular basis. As the head of the district unit of WeTeach Foundation, I have organized and taken free educational classes for students from the underprivileged sections of society. This is how I became passionate to steer my career towards public service.

Although my country has endowed me with a high-quality education so far and has the resources to do the same for my higher education, I decided to pursue an MS from the USA for two reasons. Firstly, my goal is to acquire a deeper understanding of economics from a global standpoint. I also believe that the multicultural environment of the country will be conducive to my professional growth. As the US plays a key role in shaping the dynamics of the world’s financial scenario, there is no better place for this education.

But most importantly, I wish to acquire an education from the ABC University. What attracts me to your academy, other than its long legacy and reputation as the alma mater of many eminent leaders, is the presence of Dr. Dinero de Nada. I was an avid follower of Dr. de Nada and have followed his works closely since my graduate studies. I am particularly interested in his research on poverty eradication and believe that his theories have a great potential to be implemented in my homeland. I am hopeful of being shaped by skilled hands such as visionaries and being able to emulate their excellence later in my career.

After completing the course, I will return to India and resume my professional life as a service-oriented economic researcher. The core of my work will focus on alleviating the adversities caused by poverty and bringing the country closer to the distant dream of poverty eradication. I am confident that this qualification will empower me to move forwards in this direction.””

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