SOP for MS in Management and Administration

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it is essential to develop your administrative prowess and insights through an MS in Business Management and administration. Such programs will dynamically build your talents to handle a company from a top position. If you have already planned to pursue an MSC in MSC management but are looking for professional help to write the SOP, you are at the right place.

SOP Sample (MS in Management and Administration)

Given below is a sample statement of purpose for Masters in International Business Administration. It is provided below so that you can get a
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“I have been fascinated by how ambitious companies set the stage to extend their trade exceeding the demographic and geographical borders. The methodical way in which they probe for potential markets, study its demands, prepare a plan, and reach out to the audiences has stimulated my thoughts. To the uninformed eyes, it looks as if the company got lucky and had a growth spurt. But in reality, what made it possible is the hard work of the trained Business administrators and tacticians. From the Master’s in International Business Administration program offered by the prestigious ABC University, I wish to equip myself with these skills and insights required to establish an international firm. 

As a student, I have always been purpose-driven and energetic, starting from my school days. I completed secondary education with 83% marks. I selected Commerce as the focus topic for my higher secondary education and passed with 87% marks.  My passion for business guided me in choosing business administration as the major for my undergraduate degree. The course taught me about how the fundamental principle of business has evolved over the years.

However, it was during my internship that I got the opportunity to apply the theories I have learned and put them to practice in a real-world business plan. My training was at National Traders in Bangalore. I have contributed to their surveys and researches for the best cities for business expansion. Working side by side with the veteran business minds and attempting to emulate their eminence has mattered much in shaping my aptitudes.

As the topper of my batch, I got hired through campus recruitment by Ignite Inc., an Indian company based in New Delhi, as their junior marketing executive for overseas trade. In addition to preserving the established customer base through frequent correspondence, I also set in motion newer deals and contracts. One of the earliest challenges I faced in this job was keeping track of all the details without getting overwhelmed. I overcame this with the help of digital tools and some help from my seniors.

In the subsequent years, I have traveled over to over five nations as the liaison for my company. Devising and strategizing numerous business plans and executing them successfully immensely boosted my confidence to step up my career by establishing a company on my own.

Currently, I am at a critical crossroads in my professional journey. One path in front of me is entrepreneurship. And the second one is that of advanced education. I decided to pick the latter one. Higher education will help to develop my business acumen and knowledge and will prove beneficial when I return to the path to business. I also wish to bolster my leadership and managerial skills and further extend my profile.

For years, the UK has remained within the top three of the best countries for higher education, especially when it comes to business administration. The country’s excellent international trade relationships make it a suitable location for learning this course. I have confirmed the quality of education in the UK through my business association.  In addition to this, the country is acclaimed for being accommodative of people from all nooks of the world. Such a multicultural exposure will be critical in personal development as well.

The ABC University has been the alma mater of many of the business innovators of the day. The curriculum incorporates topics such as digital marketing strategy, international trade, and branding – which are pertinent to the modern market. The optional papers all look appealing, and I am leaning towards selecting the course on Product Innovation. Taking into account the instructing methods and the teaching mechanism at your university, I became convinced that this is the ideal place for me. I am confident that this course will push me closer to success in my career.

My career interests are seated in my home country. Having worked at leading business firms in India, I know the rhythm and the pulse of the market. Combining this knowledge with the skillsets acquired from this course, I will be en route on a triumphant expedition.”

Note: We strongly suggest that you consider the above text for what it is, a sample SOP for Masters in Management and Administration. All universities verify the documents they receive to ensure that no content gets copied from the internet or other sources. If you use even a few sentences in your own SOP, it could be counterproductive.

SOP for MS in Management and Administration

SOP for MS in Management and Administration​

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