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Here we present you a sample SOP for a master’s in business management. It will provide you guidelines on how to sketch a high-quality personal essay.  This example statement of purpose is for MS in Strategic Business Management in the UK.  It has been written from the point of view of a made-up student. It includes all the essential elements even if you wish to apply for project management in the UK or international business management.

SOP Sample (MS in Strategic Business Management)

“In this era of international convergence, it is essential to develop an encompassing business perspective that transcends physical and cultural frontiers. Modern-day marketing scenarios are far progressive and have been greatly influenced by marketing tools and the internet.  As a result of these interventions, small, medium, and large scale companies around the globe had to come up with newer strategies and tactics that accommodate the interplay of these factors. But in order to realize the corporate goals through such innovations, it requires experts who have the capacity to guide the organization by leveraging their skills, knowledge, and experience. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I wish to bring about such reforms during my career. I am confident that the master’s in Strategic Business Management offered by the esteemed ABC University will empower me for this.

I grew up admiring my father run his business dexterously. As I grew up, he would talk to me about his business plans and ask me for ideas. These interactions gave me the courage and motivation to choose a similar path for my career. My admiration became a passion for emulating his excellence but on my own terms.

Last year I completed my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Goodwill University in Bangalore. The courses I have attended include management studies, international relations, and technology for business. After learning these concepts, I became more aware of the developments in the business world and learned to see how even minor events can make an impact in the global market. The lack of such holistic insight is what plateaus the professional growth of many aspirants.

Along with my studies at the college, I improved my abilities through an internship at WeSell Traders, where I planned the firm’s promotional activities and took part in organizational work. Subsequently, I worked at the Department of Public Relations at WB Financial Services and was in charge of communal service campaigns as well as planning, gauging, and providing business recommendations. These experiences were invaluable in bolstering my practical management skills and endowing me with wisdom that cannot be acquired from books or classrooms.


The UK has a brilliant cultural ambiance and a well-established commercial sector. The country has also been a driving force in the advancement of scientific and technological, and marketing innovations. For these reasons, I decided to choose the United Kingdom for my higher education and prepare myself for an international career.

The ABC University has an excellent program that meets my requirements. I was also amazed by the amenities and resources the university provides for its students.  The convenience of a digital library and the technology-based mechanisms for imparting education is well aligned with the spirit of the modern world. The programs aimed at promoting cultural diversity are another point that motivates me to be a part of this institution. The high-quality education comes together with excellent student support from the professors and exposure to real-world business challenges. The regular conducting of seminars and workshops makes your university a platform to interact with world-class entrepreneurs. I believe that such frequent associations will be conducive to the development of my skills.

To conclude, the Strategic Business Administration course from your academy will not only shape my perception but will also equip me for the business world. I am certain that it will support the program will be valuable and decisive to my future. After graduating from the course, I will come back to India and venture into my entrepreneurial dreams. And with the knowledge and confidence bestowed upon me by this course, I will be headed towards success.”

Note: The sample SOP given above is for MSc management in the United Kingdom. Keep in mind that universities check the documents they receive to ensure that no material gets borrowed from other sources. Using even a few sentences for your own motivation letter for international business management or business management in Canada comes with a high risk of the application getting rejected.

SOPs for MS in Strategic Business Management

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