SOP for MS in Business Analytics

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Business Analytics (Sample SOP for MS)

”Data analysis has revolutionized every field of human life, including business. The almost limitless amount of data generated from different sources, when amassed and filtered becomes an invaluable resource of insights. The insights that arise from the analysis of big data are impossible to attain by human faculty alone. After realizing the rising demand for trained professionals who are proficient in evaluating data and forming invaluable visions from it, I wish to join ranks with this workforce the propels the modern world forwards. However, in-depth knowledge and expertise are required to fully explore the scope of data analysis. To efficiently function as an analyst, I must reinforce my acumen of the relevant theories and technologies. And with this goal in mind, I look for admission for an MS in Business Analytics at your prestigious university.

Technology has always been my foothold in educational pursuits. This affinity naturally led me to opt for a degree in computer science for my graduation. The course included programming in C, C++, and Java, networking, computer security, and other pertinent papers. I also got introduced to rising technologies like Data Science and AI. Although I did well in these subjects, I did not have a clear plan on how to progress with my career. I selected Business Studies as an elective for the third year for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to diversify my education and also, I did not want to overwhelm myself with technical studies. However, this choice brought a wave of refreshment to my mind and was the guiding light I needed at that time.

In order to quench my curiosity in this newfound interest, I perused a few online courses on the fundamentals of business strategy. Data Analysis was the perfect mixture of disciplines I was looking for. It combines my existing skills with my incipient passion while offering an exciting career choice at the same time. To acquaint myself with the subject, I selected the topic of Modern Trends in Business Analytics as my final year project. 

My stint at BiZData India was profoundly rewarding both subjectively, and professionally. I was provided with opportunities aplenty to play a critical role in several projects. These experiences sufficiently upscaled my knowledge and ability. Having worked as an analyst for three years, I became interested to step up as a business analyst. However, the supplementary courses I have completed were foundational and were not enough to land me a job. This realization persuaded me to pursue an MS in Business Analytics.


 The Masters in Business Analytics offered by the ABC University instantly drew my attention while I was going through the different courses. After understanding more about your institute and its teaching faculty, I had little doubt that this is the best destination for my education. The course syllabus is comprehensive and strongly industry-focused. Its focus on practicality is guaranteed to prepare me for the demanding professional sphere. I am confident that the expert professors there will impart the most exceptional practices of trade and boost my professional aptitude. Also, the ACB University has a reputable student support scheme and a worldwide alumni network. It is encouraging that the institution is home to a large population of international students. After gauging these features, I have selected your campus for my higher education.

The trends in the global market are subject to the evolving insights gained through data analytics.  As a result, every company requires the service of a capable business analyst. I wish to return to India after the completion of the program and join a leading organization as an analyst.  I want to utilize the skills and expertise gained through this course for the business development of the firm. Assuredly, your university will equip me with the extra gear and prepare me for this endeavor.”

Attention: Make sure that you do not copy from the above Sample Statement of Purpose for your admission to MS in Business Analytics. Colleges take additional checking to make sure that the SOPs they receive are devoid of unoriginal content. If you want a high-quality SOP for MSBA, please see our communication info below.

MS in Business Analytics

What to write in an SOP for MS in Business Analytics – illustrated with the example

Prior to writing a statement of purpose for Business Analytics, rack your brain for every potential idea.  In the first step, list out everything you would like to have mentioned. Later sort them into academic performance, extra-curricular achievements, and ambitions, and so on.

What to include in your SOP?
  • Academic highlights: Briefly mention your educational history. If you have received any accolades, talk about it too. Any additional courses that supplement your future education can be mentioned as well.
  • Professional highlights: Don’t add all the information to your CV. Only go into the details of the jobs if they are relevant to the course. Write from your perspective – which means what you have gained and contributed.
  • Motivations: As MS in Business Analytics is a hybrid field of study, you should strongly express your interest in both Analytics and Bushiness world in the SOP. Tell them how higher education will support you in the long run.
  • Your reasons: The statement of purpose should clarify why you selected the particular institution for a master’s in Business Analytics. You can mention the unique features of the university that appealed to you.

What to avoid in your SOP?

  • Do not exaggerate: It is acceptable to confidently say that you are good at something. But there is a fine line between self-assurance and bragging. Try and keep a modest tone at all times. It is better to tone down your excitement.
  • Superfluous words: Don’t open a thesaurus and replace every word with a bigger one. Only include the words if you are comfortable using them. Good writing comes when you use simple and clear language to express yourself.
  • Emotional drama: Perhaps you had to overcome painful experiences to get to where you are now. But be very cautious when mentioning them. It should never feel like you are persuading the reader.
  • Exceeding the limit: Be concise in your writing. Unless the university specifies a longer word limit, keep your SOP for Business Analytics short and sweet. Making it too longwinded could potentially backfire.

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