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Sample SOP (MS in Financial Management)

So here is the SOP we promised you. The document is written for an MS in Finance Management from Canada.

“My interest in business and economics was the motivating factor that guided me in choosing an undergraduate degree in Commerce from Delhi University. My aptitude in maths has always given me an edge in my student life and I have always appreciated problems that require logical, analytical, and arithmetic skills. Inspired to study further, I took supplementary courses in Accounting, Macroeconomics, and International Commerce. After my graduation, I completed a PG Diploma in International Economics from National Institute for Economic Studies.

My quests are not limited to the scope of academics. I was a dynamic participant in the undertakings of the Rising Entrepreneurs Club at college. This has brought to me the opportunity to organize a variety of events like expos, seminars, and other management fests at the campus. Taking such proactive actions has also helped to develop my communication and leadership skills. In light of such contributions and my grades, I was awarded the best student of the batch award upon graduation.

 I entered the professional world as a Warehouse Associate at National Ironworks. My duties comprised of reception and cataloging the stocks, administering its arrangement and its storage subsequent to transportation. I was also in charge of upkeeping the catalog of the merchandise and supervising their despatch for distribution. Later I got promoted to the role of finance assistant at the same firm. In this capacity, I analyzed the market trends against the sales reports and recommended the best strategies for the expansion of business and investment.

 I harbor the dream of becoming a financial consultant. To realize my goals, I should learn more about the contemporary developments in finance and the financial markets and acquire pragmatic experience with the emerging digital tools. To this end, I need to build upon my current skills with an MSc in Finance. Share markets, financial planning, strategic economics, international finance, and global markets are the important fields in which I want to deepen my knowledge.

Canada, with its reputation as an educational destination, seems the aptest for my higher education. The country offers a high standard of education at a more affordable rate compared to other nations. With its trade-based economy, the country a conducive ambiance for students of monetary disciplines. The academic setup in Canada is highly advanced, and the universities offer state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding training. The country is also known for promoting a wholehearted approach to international students. With these plus points, Canada is an ideal location for pursuing higher education.

My research has convinced me that JKL Academy is an exceptional learning center. With a legacy of over half a century, the institution dedicates itself to delivering futuristic training to students from around the world. The reputation of the academy will be an additional benefit to what I learn from there.  The course is highly practical and inclusive of student support services to help secure a career. While exploring the syllabus, I was pleasantly surprised by how updated it was – even the economic effects of Covid19 have been included in the curriculum. Such promptness is well in line with what I am expecting from a professional course.

My immediate goal after completing the course is to join a financial firm in a stimulating role. I wish to assimilate practical experience in the fields of asset management and acquisitions, risk analysis, budget estimation, and market strategies. After refining my expertise, I want to carve out a career as a freelance financial consultant. This choice will endow me with much more professional independence to work on my secondary goals and dreams.”

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MS in Financial Management

Statement of purpose for masters in finance

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