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statement of purpose for PhD in aerospace engineering

Whether you are a post-graduate student or a working professional, looking for a placement as a research fellow in one of the top universities, it is essential to create an effective SOP. A SOP for PhD in Aerospace engineering is a document in which you present yourself as a prospective candidate for the research program. The essay should include not only your academic merits but also a depiction of personality and character.

Sample SOP For PhD In Aerospace Engineering

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Humans are the only species to master the skill of flying despite being innately incapable of doing so. Humanities strive to flight has been one of the earliest attempts to methodically study and imitate the wonders of nature. After having acquired professional and academic insights into this ambit, I wish to progress my career as a researcher.

An astute student at school, my forte were math and science. The subjects fascinated me with their practicality. In particular, I was interested in the working of machines of various kinds. This curiosity led me to opt for an engineering degree in mechanics. The course augmented my understanding of motors, engines, and other high-level contraptions. But what captured my passion most was flying machines.

From cargo flights to surprisingly small drones, the scope of real-world applications of aerodynamics is unlimited. However, the graduation curriculum barely scratched the surface of this field. And it left me wanting to learn more about aerospace engineering and wished to shape my career accordingly. This led me to follow the logical path of pursuing an MS.

Within the domain of aerospace technologies, my favourite niche is propulsion systems. The final year project for my post-graduation was based on these topics. I created a miniature flight model that used a mixture of polycarbonates and PMMA with oxygen as an oxidizer. The project won first place at the National Junior Engineer Tech fest. I also had the fortune to publish the report in the International Engineer’s journal.

For the last five years, I have been working in Air India as a flight engineer. This is when I became curious about the rising popularity of drones. Over the years, drones have evolved from the role of fancy flying gadgets to lifesaving equipment. This passion convinced me to go for a doctorate in drone development. This route will allow me to experiment with my creativity while familiarizing myself with the state-of-the-art machines.

The research fellowship at the ASD University suits my requirements. The excellent experimentation facilities and the research culture of your academic make it an ideal destination. In addition to this, the institution’s links and affiliation with FlyHigh Drones Inc. are very promising in terms of research and career prospects. These reasons convinced me to select your university for my higher studies.

I am fully aware that a rewarding career in aerospace engineering requires the dedication of a lifetime. I am confident that I possess the strength, discipline, and aptitude to join your esteemed institute as a researcher and look forward to an affirmative reply from your end. “

Sample SOP For PhD

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    SOP for PhD in aerospace engineering

    Tips For SOP For PhD In Aerospace Engineering

    A good statement of purpose PhD in Aerospace engineering should aim to portray your aptitude for interest in the best possible light. Your interest to get into research should be substantiated with your subject matter expertise and proficiency.

    Highly coveted fields like aerospace engineering research, there will be hundreds of applicants against each seat. You have to place yourself above the crowd through the presentation.

    This is not limited to the authenticity of your credentials and qualifications only. The essay should radiate your personality and character truthfully.

    It is best not to use your SOP for PhD in Aerospace Engineering for applying to other courses. While this might make things easy for you, it is not the best approach. Write individually for each course

    Some students are afraid to talk about their failures in the motivation letter. But talking about your rough times and how you overcame them will only add to your benefit.

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