SOP for PhD in Electrical Engineering

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Sample SOP for PhD in Electrical Engineering

We are sharing with you an abridged version of an SOP we have written as a sample. And it is our pleasure to send you the complete version. Please contact us to know more details.

“Starting from school studies I had flair for maths and science. As I went up the classes, my interest in science became predominantly focused on physics. One of the facts about physics that fascinated me was its practicality and its contribution to the developments of the modern world. From a mere pulley to large scale electronics, the scope of real-world applications is unlimited.

I was naturally drawn to the field of electronics. Initially, this was because most of my favourite things were electronics products. From mobile phones to video games and computers, what these little electrons made possible were beyond my imagination. I was passionate to become able to understand and create such gadgets. This passion let to pursue a degree in Electrical and Elections engineering.

After working for a year at National Electronics Ltd. a state-owned company, I decided to continue my higher studies through a PG program. The course doled out practical knowledge through the implementation of several projects from scratch. I got on track with mini-projects like “Analysis of Pulse Modulation on resistors” which recommended a scheme to decrease the power wastage in the DC devices. Later, I got the confidence to undertake larger projects. The major project for my course was an electronic surveillance system intended to reinforce public security. The system proposed various improvements such as night vision cameras and heat vision so that the security professionals can administer stakeouts. These experiences were key to developing my expertise in efficiently collaborating with team members in collaborative projects.

I was instantaneously drawn towards the research program offered by the prestigious Prague University. With a lot of researchers in the faculty team, the academy provides the perfect environment for exploratory studies. In fact, I have been following the researches of Dr. Hazib Mohammad in microelectronics since my grad school. The ambition to work under him is one of my primary motivations for applying to your university.

After the completion of this fellowship, I will return to India. India among the biggest market for electronics markets in the world. And as a result, many top companies are moving their production units to this country. This gives me great hopes of becoming an electronic researcher and working with cutting-edge technologies. And I am confident that this respected qualification will wire me up for such an endeavour. ”

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SOP for PhD in Electrical Engineering

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