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Whether you plan to fly to the US, the UK, or Canada for higher studies, you need to submit an SOP reciting your academic and professional adventures to date. The motivation letter should focus on your research interests in artificial intelligence. The document should also support your passion for research with the help of your educational qualification and work experiences.

Read the following extract from a sample Statement of Purpose written for admission to the Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) PhD program.

Sample SOP for PhD in Artificial Intelligence

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β€œIt was during my graduate studies in Computer Science that I got introduced to the subjects of Data Science and Machine Learning. Initially, I was sceptical of the idea that computers can effectively imitate human actions and responses, let alone the process of learning. Astounded by the potential of the technology, I started focusing my career on this domain.
This passion led me to pursue an MS in machine learning from the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai. It was interesting how the human and machine learning process complements each other. The ideas often overlap in a surprising way and shed light on each other. Driven by this insight, I selected Human Psychology as my elective paper.
The focus of my post-graduation project was implementing a Bayesian model into a deep learning algorithm. As part of the project, I conducted some researches on functional analysis and backpropagation. Such actions were vital in broadening my understanding of how machine learning. It became clear to me that the full potential of data science is reached when it is combined with other disciplines.
Artificial intelligence became my interest while I was part of the tech team in a newfound startup in India. I realized that with my credentials, making a career progression to AI is a logical diversification. To familiarize me with the newer concepts, I have undertaken various online courses offered by Harvard and other reputed universities through online platforms. Although such programs provided foundational knowledge, it is not sufficient to account for a career breakthrough. Besides, I am more interested in exploratory studies on the subject. For these reasons, I decided to pursue a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.
I am keen to be a part of the University of JKL that has made its mark in the academic world with its research amenities. The excellence of education provided by the university and the presence of prominent lecturers has motivated me to join this academy. This college has been home to many innovations in the computer domain. Working as a research fellow in such a setting will be conducive to my professional growth.”

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