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Are you worried about writing an impactful statement of purpose for Singapore? We can help you. As a reliable team of professional SOP writers for Singapore, we have in-depth knowledge about the SOP requirements for the country. We integrate our expertise in crafting a unique SOP for you that will not fail to materialize your higher education dreams in Singapore.

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What Makes SOP A Vital Piece Of Document?

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College/university admissions have never been harder. Most institutes look for the finest candidates. Statement of purpose is one parameter they use to filter out exceptional talents from hundreds of applicants. A good SOP makes the admission process easier and the prospects better.

Understand Statement Of Purpose Through Sample SOP For Singapore

These days, most students think that it is important to refer to a sample SOP for Singapore before attempting to write the document. Is there any advantage of doing so? Of course, yes. Sample SOP will help you: 

For the full version or to get you SOP written, reach us.

Key Elements In The SOP For Singapore


Applicants to all Singapore universities, for both UG and PG programs, must produce a statement of purpose. Structural guidelines for all SOPs are the same even though there can be differences in the content/points requirements.

Word Limit

If no specific guidelines are given, an ideal Statement of Purpose for Singapore universities should be within 1000 words. University guidelines must be referred for special instructions.

Font Size & Style

Students should use a single font style throughout the statement of purpose, preferably, Times New Roman. Moreover, the ideal font size to keep is 12 pt.


Singapore SOPs should be written in standard English without grammar mistakes and spelling errors. It is recommended to write the sentences in active voice rather than passive.

Statement of purpose Singapore

Plagiarism free

Writing a good SOP for Singapore means crafting it uniquely. The content should be 100 percent original and should not resemble any existing documents.

How Do We Craft A Winning Statement Of Purpose For Singapore?

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Bespoke approach

We carefully study each student’s profile, backgrounds, motivations and craft a bespoke SOP for his purpose.

Compatible with university

The university requirements for the SOP are carefully studied before crafting it.

Backed by student’s inputs

We listen to the student and integrate all inputs he or she gives in the SOP.

Highly researched

Our writers will conduct deep research about the subject discipline as well as the institute’s course structure.

Top-notch quality inspection

Final copy of the SOP is delivered to the student after thorough quality inspection.

Sample SOP For PhD

In search of the ideal statement of purpose sample for phd? To help you understand, we’ve included a few SOP samples that have been approved by experts. To download free samples, click on the links in the attachments below.

Why Singapore For Abroad Studies?

Singapore is undoubtedly Asia’s number one country for advanced education. When it comes to the world map, it still has top ranking with countless accolades. High class education is the reason behind the country’s growth and development. Hence, government there does not want to compromise on the quality of education. Here are some top reasons why Singapore is an ideal place for abroad studies.

The country hosts some of the top-notch institutes like National University of Singapore, London School of Business and Finance, SIM university, Nanyang Technological University etc.

The education structure followed in the country, giving equal importance to both theories and practical sessions, is commendable.

Educational expenditure in Singapore is reasonable compared to many of its European counterparts, UK, Australia and Canada.

When it comes to living expenses like accommodation and food, Singapore tops the chart of affordable countries.

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    Writing a good SOP for Singapore requires experience, in-depth knowledge about the SOP structure and requirements and exceptional command over English. Seeking the help of our experts will make things easier and faster.

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    Before deciding to buy our service, you can see whether it meets your expectation by requesting sample SOPs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Like SOP for any other countries, the statement of purpose for Singapore needs to be uniquely written and must detail key information about the applicant such as his motivation for choosing the country, course, institute, future plans etc. as selection committee particularly look for these details. The document needs to be free from errors and plagiarism too.

    You must introduce yourself in the first paragraph of your statement of purpose. You can do that by stating briefly about your background and then delving slightly into your career goals.

    National University of Singapore is one of the top higher education institutions in Singapore. When you write the SOP for the same, you must ensure that you have a clear idea about the institute’s SOP requirements, course structure, academic facilities, research scope etc. All these details must be carefully inserted in the document in order to give the selection committee the impression that you are serious about your application. We have Professional SOP writers for MBA in Singapore who know these aspects and craft the document accordingly.

    You must check first with the institute in Singapore you are planning to study in for the recommended word count. If no specific instructions are given to you, you can write up to 1000 words.

    As a number one destination in Asia for abroad studies, Singaporean institutes receive hundreds of applications from eligible students every year. Cherry-picking the most suitable ones from these is hard. SOP helps the selection committee of these institutes to understand who among these applicants are genuinely interested in the course and therefore worth the selection.

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