SOP for PhD in organic chemistry

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Sample sop in organic chemistry (PhD)

Given below is a trimmed version of an SOP for organic chemistry. If you are interested in the full-length version of the document or want a similar SOP written for yourself, kindly get in touch with us.

“I have confidence that studying Organic chemistry will be critical in the development of technology to address many of the problems humanity will face in the future. Although the term draws attention to fuel and energy sources, researches in organic chemistry extends to all fields – from the health sector to industries. My focus lies in exploring the advanced technologies for the synthesis of nano-organic enzymes for farming. 

I have pursued chemistry from schooldays which lead me to select a degree in Industrial chemistry. Ardent to bolster my knowledge, I set myself for higher education through an MS in chemistry immediately after graduation. I was able to leverage my expertise in Synthetic Carbon-based compounds and Bio-organics to join ABC Fertilizers as a production supervisor.

The collective experience of my academic and professional experience has culminated into a passion for conducting research. During my career, I observed that various researches point to the fact that the usage of enzyme-based fertilizers for farming is superior to the current standards. These compounds have the least values in environmental destabilization and human health factors. However, the researches in these fields are not given due priority due to conflict with industrial interests. I believe that I can at least instigate academic attention in this direction.

I am confident that my academic preparation and professional background render me a worthy candidate to your academy. I wish to take this great stride in my career through the XYZ University. I am drawn to your institution primarily due to its research-enthusiastic campus. The collaborative environment will not only allow me to expedite my explorations but also expand my vistas. The ongoing researches by Prof. SR Sandra and her team have raised my interest as well. I look forwards to associating with the team and other eminent members of your institution. I would be delighted to pursue a PhD in Organic Chemistry in such a rich and stimulating atmosphere and wish for an affirmative response from your part.”

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sop strategic making-how to write a sop in organic chemistry

How to write quality sop for PhD in organic chemistry

  • Prepare in advance: Begin by creating a list of all the things that you think will add value to your profile. This could include academic merits, projects, awards and recognitions, non-academic and professional achievements, and so on. Later, you can revise the list to eliminate items that are not relevant to your sop for PhD in organic chemistry.
  • Draft: Now that you have a collection of ideas, it is time to put them into sentences. Do not be a perfectionist when writing the first draft. The aim is to come up with a satisfactory model which you can improve upon and finalize. Try to maintain the flow of ideas between sentences and paragraphs of the sop for PhD in organic chemistry.
  • Review by yourself: Do multiple sets of reviews, the first time for the continuity of thoughts, then for stylistics, and so on. Doing this will keep you from being overwhelmed with too many factors in mind. Sometimes, taking a break between two sessions will make you more productive. Redraft any part that you feel is lacking in content quality.
  • Get feedback: Despite your best efforts, it is easy to miss out on even simple mistakes in your own writings. But such errors will catch the eyes of another person who is reading your sop for PhD in organic chemistry for the first time. Ask them specific questions on how you can improve your essay and which parts need to be revised.
  • Rework the essay: In this phase of the writing process, try to implement the concepts which you collected through review and feedback. Tackle one challenge at a time, and do not try to apply every idea that has been suggested to you. If you are rewriting any part, make sure that the newer version fits the rest of the essay.

If you follow the above steps, you will get a good quality sop for PhD in organic chemistry at your hands, ready and waiting to be submitted to the university. If you still have a few days left before the deadline, read the document occasionally and find scope for minor improvement. A strategy used by professional writers is to read the text out loud.

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