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Sample SOP for PhD in mechanical engineering

Please read the following excerpt from a motivation letter we have written for a research candidate. Feel free to model your SOP be based on this format. But be mindful that even if you use a few sentences or paragraphs in your essay, it will be detected as plagiarism. So be careful to use only the format of the sample sop for PhD in mechanical engineering provided below and not the content itself. Also, if you are interested in reading the untrimmed SOP, please contact us.

“The high-paced surge in energy requirements combined with stringent ecological protocols has persuaded the world to reconsider its approach to efficient energy systems. Traditional energy sources like thermal plants and hydroelectric projects are not expected to be sufficient for the needs of future generations. As a mechanical engineer, I wish to make an effort to the development of lower-order models for finding an innovative break to this end. My academic background has motivated my interest in this field and imparted me with the necessary skills.

Since my school days, I have had an affinity for science subjects – in particular maths and physics. This proclivity led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. The course from Nehru Institute for Technology covered the fundamentals of mechanics, thermodynamics, and other pertinent advanced concepts. To advance my education, I decided to pursue a master’s in the same field. While learning innovative topics from mechanical engineering and implementing them through real-world projects, my expertise as an engineer has reached newer levels.


In the last term of my post-graduation, I built a recyclable crusher for the major project. The model provides a convenient and inexpensive way to compress plastic water bottles and tin cans. The compressed product is easier to transport and more convenient to handle during the processes at recycling plants.  The recycler is equipped with a container unit that stores the material until there is enough volume of material for crushing. I also implemented a waste bin model collector that can be positioned in public places and emptied into the crusher as it gets filled. This project taught me about the efforts which go into creating a project from the beginning. I also became aware of the importance of collaboration and management skills for project execution.

After judiciously evaluating the research works that are being executed at the ABC University, I became passionate to join the institute as a research fellow.  I am confident that associating with Dr. Eric Rosen will provide me the resourcefulness required to function with high capacity as a researcher. I have taken an in-depth look into his studies on renewable energy sources and have great hopes that I can become a part of his team. My experiences and expertise will assuredly support me in my pursuit to become a contributing researcher in the domain of mechanical engineering.

It would be an honor to secure admission to pursue a doctorate at the ABC University. I am confident that I will rise up to the eminent standards put forward by your university. Given the opportunity to study at your university, I will persevere to bring out the best performance. The competitive atmosphere at your academy will motivate me to bring out the best in me. I am hopeful that you find my background, personality, and experience fitting for your institute. ”

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